These Buzz-Worthy Beauty Products Have Launched on NOIRSTONE

29 March, 2018
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These Buzz-Worthy Beauty Products Have Launched on NOIRSTONE

If it’s good enough for Naomi Watts, it’s good enough for us!


The beauty industry is booming and we’re discovering fresh batches of skincare and makeup products each and every day. While there is much to consider when making a new purchase, we’re beginning to think beyond whether it will suit our skin type, or if the shade is a perfect match, and instead beginning to ask important questions like, “is this product cruelty-free?”

We have our usual shopping suspects pinned to our Internet browsers, but with the rise of cruelty-free, organic and vegan products entering the market, we’re starting to think more about sustainability and also look for high-quality, ethical products that pack a punch while making a difference to our skin. New on the scene, NOIRSTONE is bringing its online, one-stop beauty platform to the 852. Encouraging us to stop choosing convenience over our health and instead shop with a conscience, NOIRSTONE products such as Herbalore NYC’s, Catalyst Gold is already a firm fave of British actress and director, Naomi Watts. Unlike other options available in Hong Kong, the platform “cherry-picks a range of eco-friendly, high-quality, and sustainable products that help target specific skin concerns without any harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients,” giving us full permission to put in minimal effort, but reap maximum results.

NOIRSTONE knows that our city is incredibly varied when it comes to skin-type, age, gender and our complexions, so we all deserve to have options that meet our individual needs. From skincare and body care to hair, makeup, health supplements and even home fragrances, NOIRSTONE has closely partnered with Therese Kerr (mum of Supermodel, Miranda Kerr), Medea (founder of Herbalore) and Tandra & Taylor (founders of Nina Bailey) to ensure that the brands communicate directly with one another to ensure that each and every product is of the highest quality and standard before being shipped straight to your door. And given that our skin absorbs a large percentage of the products we use, we think that it’s important to know what you put on it. Not sure where to start shopping? Click through to check out some of NOIRSTONE’s most buzz-worthy products that the media just can’t stop talking about…

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Keen to try something new? NOIRSTONE is offering Sassy readers 20% of its products from now until Monday, 30 April 2018. Simply enter the code “SASSYSKINGLOW20” upon checkout!

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Divine Women Revitalising Eye Cream

“This skin brightening Eye Cream promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines and puffiness whilst nourishing plant based oils give the delicate eye area a youthful glow.”

Available to buy from NOIRSTONE for $497 here!

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Nina Bailey Botanical Rose Body Polish

“This exfoliating body polish will remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and leave your skin silky smooth.”

Available to buy from NOIRSTONE for $290 here!


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Divine Women Miracle Oil Serum

“Blending a potent dose of anti-ageing vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and mineral rich ingredients, the Miracle Oil Serum helps to accelerate skin repair and prevent premature ageing.”

Available to buy from NOIRSTONE for $570 here!


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nūdus Lipsticks

This unique handcrafted lipstick has been blended in Australia with certified organic ingredients. Beautifully pigmented with ancient ayurvedic bioactive colour extracts, it leaving your lips soft and deliciously hydrated.”

Available to buy from NOIRSTONE for $270 here!

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HERBALORE Catalyst Gold Supplements

“The allergen-free formula of supergreens, herbs, superfruits and essential minerals helps to protect and revive the immune –circulatory –nervous systems, the digestive organs, and supports to revitalize the hair and the skin.”

Available to buy from NOIRSTONE for $750 here!


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