Lush Creative Showcase 2016: More Than Bath Bombs…

15 December, 2016

Lush Creative Showcase 2016: More Than Bath Bombs…

Fresh, Handmade, Products With A Conscience


Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the ‘Lush Creative Showcase‘ in London. It would be the first showcase where media and special Lush clients were invited, as usually the showcase is a gathering exclusively of Lush staff from around the world. I didn’t know what to expect from this three-day event, but I can now safely say that it was one of the most inspiring, truly creative extravaganzas that I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend!

lush creative showcase 2016

What actually is the LUSH Creative Showcase?

Every year, Lush hosts a Creative Showcase, bringing together staff and this year, media, from all over the world. For 2016, the showcase was held at the Tobacco Docks, a huge 16,000 sqm warehouse style space in London. Each and every part of the Tobacco Docks was filled with something magical from Lush – there were endless different rooms to discover, which were not only filled with the most inventive products but also took you on an interactive journey.

giant bath bomb at lush

The showcase is a chance for the Lush community to try all the latest products that have been cookin’ up in the labs. Everyone had the chance to trial goodies that were not yet in stores, check out any exclusive products, experiment with different combos and experience a small snapshot of new treatments. Experts in specific products were on hand to give demos at the Lush Kitchen, artists and musicians performed throughout all three days, and what surprised me most was the line up of the Main Stage, which hosted political speakers and meaningful talks from the founders.

To get a sense of what this event was like, check the short video above.

creative showcase lush

More than bath bombs!

Lush started off as a small company that created handmade beauty products in Poole (a large coastal town in Dorset, England). The company is now international (with over 820 stores in 50 countries!) and has become famous for their sweet smelling range of products, catapulting the popularity of the simple yet oh-so fun bath bomb. But what I discovered at the Creative Showcase was that Lush goes far beyond just bath bombs. Apart from offering make-up, skincare, perfume and spa treatments, Lush also has a strong stance on various social and political issues, actively campaigning for causes that align with the values of the company.

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lush hong kong

Cruelty Free/Ethically Sourced

One of the main reasons why I’ve become such a fan of Lush is because they are so clearly against animal-testing. All products are vegetarian and you can read more about Lush’s policy on animal-testing here, which extends to all aspects of the companies they work with. This straight forward message and the effort to be transparent in how they work is admirable, and makes it easy as a consumer to know how the product is being made and exactly where the ingredients are coming from. Lush’s ‘cruelty-free‘ values go hand in hand with their ethical buying policy; ingredients are carefully sourced depending on their environmental and social impact. Workers rights, environment and sustainability, animal protection and transport are all considered!

Supporting Grassroots Charities

A stand out product at Lush is the Charity Pot. This self-preserving hand and body lotion is rich and moisturising, but the best part is that 100% of the profit (minus taxes) goes towards grassroots organisations in each country that ‘align with Lush’s ethics’. Here in Hong Kong, you can apply as a charity by emailing [email protected] with the subject “Application Form Request” to be eligible to $120,000 per project – find out more here. Lush actively campaigns on social and political issues that have the company values too, supporting human rights and environmental protection – read more about Lush campaigns here.

lush creative showcase

The Lush Creative Showcase was an incredible experience that totally captured all the senses, and took visitors on a journey behind the many products that Lush creates. However, it also had a significant impact on the way that I, as a consumer, think about what I’m buying and choosing to support. Being aware of what we are purchasing in terms of the actual product (what ingredients are used, where they are sourced and whether animal testing is involved) is so important, and to top it all off Lush products are genuinely effective. What’s more, thinking about what the values are of the companies you are buying from is definitely something to consider – your power as a consumer can and should help to change the beauty industry!

There were so many highlights of the Lush Creative Showcase 2016, so I’ve chosen just a few of the experiences and products that really stood out to me. Click on the button below to check them out!

1 / 3

Old Delhi Station Perfume

Discovering ‘Gorilla Perfumes‘ was one of the highlights of my trip. The cute little store in Islington is the perfect place to browse a huge variety of unique fragrances, and I was instantly drawn to the spicy yet soft scent of the ‘Old Delhi Station‘ perfume. An exclusive at the store, this scent is actually one part of ‘The Smell of Freedom’, one of the most successful perfumes from Lush. The Gorilla Gallery at the Lush Creative Showcase was the perfect place to explore the latest range of ‘Volume 4’ scents and the stories behind them… Cardom Coffee was my favourite!

Find out more about Gorilla Perfumes here.

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Christmas products!

The Lush Creative Showcase 2016 did not disappoint when it came to unadulterated Christmas joy! The Christmas room was packed with all the many creative Christmas products on offer, featuring brand new shower gels, jellys, bath bombs, lip products and more, as well old Christmas favourites. It did feel a bit strange to have fake snow falling down, Christmas elves running around and jolly carols on one of the hottest days of the year, but it was enough to put anyone in the Christmas spirit!

Of all the Christmas products available, I was most obsessed with the adorable ‘Santasaurus’ bubble bar, the HUGE wobbly ‘Santa’s Belly’ jelly, the purple blackcurrant Sugar Plum Lip Scrub and the ylang ylang scented Mistletoe Bath Bomb.

See all Christmas products here

3 / 3

Make-Up Finds

Last but not least, one of my favourite sections at the showcase was the make-up area. I felt like a kid in a candy store as every make-up product that Lush sells was there, with some special previews of unreleased products that had come straight from the lab on show too! One of these unique tester products was a Scented Nail Varnish… mimosa scented nails? Why not!

I also loved all the glittery eye shadow and powder – the pigmentation is so concentrated and gives skin a luminosity. I coudn’t resist trying one of the lipsticks, and I went for a red that’s moisturising and lasts long time. If you’ve not tried Lush make-up yet, I would suggest you get to the Lush SoHo store and test out the fun, experimental range… it’s even better knowing that the make-up is cruelty-free.


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