26 September, 2018
essensuals by toni&guy
essensuals by toni&guy

We Check Out essensuals: The Newest Hair Salon by TONI&GUY

26 September, 2018
essensuals by toni&guy scoop

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There’s nothing like that feeling of waltzing out of a salon, with your hair freshly cut, styled and coloured, feeling like a million bucks (without spending it). If you know what you’re after, it can be tricky to find a trusted stylist, who understands your hair type and gets your desired outcome. We’ve tried and tested local barbers and branded names alike, but we were all thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the staff at essensuals by TONI&GUY.

The modern salon is located right in Central, on On Lan Street, split into two floors, offering an open and airy space with an option of two VIP private rooms for a bit of exclusivity. essensuals is a London-based renowned hairdressing brand that benefits from TONI&GUY’s cutting edge training system, but takes it up a notch by offering more attainable and playful  looks. The stylists here are versed in a whole variety of style needs, from edgy street fashion, relaxed beach waves to glam black tie updos.

Check out our reviews below:

essensuals - hair review by Tania Shroff

Name & Title: Tania Shroff, Editor
Old look: Long, overgrown and heavily wavy hair, lacking much shape or energy.
New look: Stylised bob with deep brown balayage all over for a natural, textured look.
My stylist was… Helpful, honest and patient. I had intentionally grown my hair out to donate it, but chopping off 12 inches is always easier when you have a trusted stylist!
My favourite part was… That final snip. As I was donating my hair, my stylist sorted it into neat braids, fashioned with a tie and gave me a reassuring nod before cutting the majority of my hair off. I’ve donated my hair a couple of times now, and the liberating feeling is always a welcome experience.
In an Emoji: 🙌
Team verdict: The essensuals team nailed Tania’s new look with the bob cut perfectly to frame her face and suit her wavy hair.  The stylists went for a modern on-trend cut, that still appears easy to manage and effortless – the ideal combination.

essensuals review by Elle Noble

Name & Title: Elle Noble, Partnerships Manager
Old look: Long and thick hair, with grown out light brown and blonde balayage
New look: Some highlights to lighten the top section of my hair and then a vibrant pink all over tone. A trim to tidy up the ends and make my hair less heavy.
My stylist was… Very experienced with great recommendations to make sure the hair cut would accentuate the colour well. They knew exactly how I like to style my hair, and I left the salon with some awesome expert tips to try to recreate the quick, voluminous waves at home.
The salon was… Situated in a really convenient location in Central, the salon is bright and modern. Spread out over two floors, the salon isn’t too noisy, and I was sat in the private two person area, which offered the perfect place to sit with my laptop and get lots of work done, whilst enjoying the delicious coffee.
My favourite part was… I couldn’t believe how quickly the stylist braided my hair into an amazing updo, which really made the highlighted shades of the pink stand out.
In an Emoji: 👩‍🎤
Team verdict: Elle is the kind of person who suits any hairstyle or colour, and this was a whole new look for her. Although the stylist kept her signature long locks, the colour was what made the look different, with a striking pink hue.

Essensuals - hair review by Bea

Name & Title: Beatrice Hug, Art Director
Old look: Long and heavy, single-length, grown-out brunette to blonde ombré.
New look: Mid-length, light choppy dark brunette hair
My stylist was… Enthusiastic and knowledgeable! A little unsure with my own decision to go darker, shorter and thinner, having an obviously experienced stylist in my corner, cheering me on all the way, made me feel comfortable and confident in my choice.
The salon… gave me loads of privacy and personal attention allowing me to be pampered while keeping productive and get lots of work done.
My favourite part was… everyone’s positive reactions to my new drastic-do!
In an Emoji: 💥
Team Verdict: Bea’s new look is polished and sleek. The stylists did a great job at making it appear natural yet modern and stylised – and was a great autumnal upgrade to her lighter shade.

Essensuals - hair review by Annie Simpson

Name & Title: Annie Simpson, Editor
Old look: Mid-length brown hair, all one length and dull!
New look: Ashy balayage with added layers for texture and movement
My stylist was… Friendly, informative and ready to give advice. I went in only wanting colour and not a cut, but he suggested having about an inch cut off, and adding a few layers to enhance the colour and texture, which was definitely a good idea!
The salon was… The perfect spot for getting some work done! We were seated in the more private upstairs area, meaning we could easily get plenty done – or just read some magazines and relax whilst the stylist worked their magic.
My favourite part was… The finished result, and enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the comfortable salon.
In an Emoji: 💁
Team Verdict: While seemingly subtle, Annie’s new balayage colour totally brightened up her overall look and her lighter textured layers perfectly framed her face and gave her the occasion-ready look she was on the hunt for on her way to a wedding in Monaco!

essensuals by toni&guy

Tips for Hair Colouring:

With the newly launched colour menu brought over from the UK, the TONI&GUY balayage technique creates the ultimate multi-tonal depth, without compromising on over dying dry and damaged hair. Chat to your stylist or bring a photo of your desired look (balayage starts from $1,380).

Tips for Healthy Hair:

The customisable and consumer-centric hair service is complemented by essensuals’ customisable toner mask. With a unique formula, it leaves hair nourished and refreshed whilst bringing out the subtleties of colors at the same time

If you’re looking to check essensuals out, head over to the Grand Opening party on 3rd October, offering free flow starting from 7pm. As a bonus, Sassy readers get 20% off first trial on all styling and chemical services throughout 2018. Simply use the code: ESSSASSY to apply!

essensuals, 2/F, 2 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2191 9819, [email protected], www.essensuals.hk

Brought to you in partnership with essensuals by Toni&Guy. Graphic via Flaticon. All other images belong to Sassy Media Group.

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