25 September, 2018
John Anthony Restaurant review
John Anthony Restaurant review
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John Anthony: The New Dim Sum and Chinese Restaurant by Maximal Concepts

25 September, 2018
John Anthony Restaurant review

Expect contemporary flavours and classic dim sum from John Anthony, the second Chinese restaurant from Maximal Concepts, the brains behind Mott32.

District: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Cuisine:  Cantonese Grill & Dim Sum
How much: Dim Sum and small plates range between $35 and $180; BBQ and larger dishes range between $155 and $880; Desserts between $45 and $85
Must Order: Slow-cooked Australian Wagyu Beef cheek with watermelon.
Best For: Small groups in the main dining area, or larger groups in the private dining rooms. With such an extensive menu and good portion sizes, the dishes are perfect for sharing; the more the merrier if you’re looking to try a selection from the menu.
Sassy Tip: With a delicious cocktail menu, and beautiful interior, the bar area is also a great date night spot! Book a table, now until 12th October for a free round of G&T’s!

John Anthony Restaurant review

John Anthony is the newest (and totally Instagrammable!) spot to hang out in Causeway Bay. Situated in Lee Gardens Three, the huge restaurant is set located in the expansive basement and offers intimate private dining rooms for groups, a beautiful open bar for date night, and cosy booths for dinner or lunch. It is the second Chinese restaurant from Maximal Concepts, the brains behind Mott32. Inspired by the trade between the East and West during the Qing Dynasty, the menu embraces bold influences from regions along the spice routes. The extensive menu has been created by Mott 32 group Executive Chef Lee Man-Sing and John Anthony’s Executive Chef, Saito Chu. Expect traditional Chinese dishes with a sophisticated, modern, innovative twists.

All of the ingredients are sourced as ethically as possible, with a focus on environmental consciousness throughout the restaurant and its menu. The restaurant interior has a warm and natural, Asian Art-Deco feel, with terracotta walls, bamboo fixtures, and a stunning mural of a traditional junk boat sailing on a bed of flowers, by Elsa Jeandedieu, illustrating the journey along the Silk Road. To highlight the eco initiatives Maximal is committed to, the restaurant menu and coasters have been created using up-cycled plastic and paper.

John Anthony Restaurant review, wagyu in hk

As we were seated, the attentive staff welcomed us and talked us through the drinks menu. Gin is the highlight here, with 4 Signature infused Gin & Tonics inspired by the medicinal origin of the mix. The gins are uniquely created with handpicked botanicals, fruits and teas, all stored in four 12-litre tubes as a centrepiece at the bar. As someone who doesn’t usually opt for a G&T, the infusions had me intrigued enough to give them a try, and they did not disappoint! We particularly enjoyed the refreshing Tanqueray Gin with Lavender and Fevertree Elderflower Tonic ($85). And the Plymouth Gin, with Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Sun-dried Tomato, Juniper and 1724 Tonic ($115). John Anthony also serves a range of Gin Martinis and speciality cocktails if gin is really not your thing (but trust me, give the JA Gin a go and you might be surprised!).

The menu is split into fourteen sections; Small, Cold, BBQ, Soup, Abalone, Dried, Seafood, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Rice, Noodles, Dim Sum and Dim Sum Dessert. With so much to choose from, we were glad to be in a large group meaning we could sample a range of dishes from the menu. Kicking off the feast with 2 options from the cold section we tucked in to the slow cooked Australian Wagyu Beef Cheek, with watermelon and chilli sauce ($135), and the Shredded Australian Lamb Shank salad with purple onion, carrot kimchi and dill ($155). Both dishes were bursting with unusual complementary ingredients and flavours. The watermelon and chilli pairing was a table favourite.

John Anthony Restaurant review - chinese food and dim sum

With the restaurant boasting three custom built barbecues, we were excited to try the Australian Wagyu Beef Char Siu with shredded scallion sauce ($280), and the Northern Red-Stained spicy New Zealand Lamb Rack ($220). Both dishes were cooked to perfection and full of rich, meaty flavours, that proved the quality of ingredients.

Cantonese restaurant in hk - John Anthony

From the Dim Sum section, all three of the dishes we tried offered a modern and delicious twist on the cuisine, with Free-Range Chicken with Shrimp Siu Mau ($55), Black Squid ink Seafood Soup Dumplings ($65) and our favourite dim sum dish, the Steamed Rice Roll, with soft shell crab and squid ink ($115). As these are small plates, it’s wise  to order all of the above! Next we went on to try the Slow cooked Canadian salmon ($185), and the Poached Chinese Perch Filet, in Sichuan Pepper Broth ($360), which is fiery in taste and also appearance, as it arrives at the table and is lit of fire by the staff! We would recommend combining this with a couple of the vegetable dishes to complement, we particularly enjoyed the Stir-Fried Dried Lotus Root ($135).

There’s always room for a little dessert and the fried banana Bao ($65), and perfectly creamy caramel ginger crème brûlée ($45), offered the ideal mix of sweet and spicy to end the meal. All in all, John Anthony offers an authentic taste of Cantonese flavours in a chic modern setting, ideal for visiting guests and big group dinners.

John Anthony, Shop B01-B10, Basement One, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, www.johnanthony.hk

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