16 May, 2016

Face Luxe & Liberty: Makeup Concierge Service in Hong Kong

16 May, 2016

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Everyone knows that some of the great loves of my life are wine, fizzy cola bottles and makeup. Man, do I love makeup. I love collecting it, applying it, wearing it, staring lovingly at it and researching it. The one thing that I don’t particularly enjoy is shopping for it. You know the drill; you’ve heard about the latest cult beauty buys, so you pop into a beauty department for a casual browse and a potential purchase. What could go wrong? What seemed like a perfectly good idea now feels like passing through purgatory as you weave in and out of the crowds, scramble for testers and perch awkwardly on a stool in the middle of the shop floor. Not ideal. Enter the genius solution of Face Luxe and Liberty; an online makeup concierge service which brings you personalised makeup boxes and live one-on-one tutorials in the privacy of your own home.

Over the last four weeks, I have been fortunate enough to experience this truly unique, innovative and pragmatic service and have come away with a whole range of professional techniques and a new perspective on products and application. The #girlboss behind this exciting venture is Krystina Te Kenawa-Coffin – makeup artist extraordinaire – who has a wealth of experience, having worked her magic backstage at the productions of CNN, CNBC and the 2012 Olympic Games. I knew I was in pretty safe hands!

The bane of my existence in Hong Kong is living in an atmosphere that exasperates my dry and dehydrated skin. Depending on the time of year, I find myself clung to either a heater or an air conditioner. I knew my problem areas: concealed but cakey under eyes, blotchy bronzer and patchy foundation. So not a good look. I was also in a serious rut.

I met with Krystina the day before my first tutorial for a comprehensive and collaborative consultation where we analysed my skin, style, schedule and makeup struggles. Prior to this, I had filled out an extensive questionnaire so Krystina was fully equipped to rifle through my “every day” makeup selection and provide her expert recommendations. Together, we selected a number of products that I needed in my life (music to my ears!) to maximise time and efficiency during the busy work week and enable a little creative flair in my spare time. I must stress that while the folks at Face Luxe and Liberty are more than happy to comment on your current stash of products – and make suggestions on what might be useful to add – there is absolutely no pressure to actually purchase anything. Simply stick to your trusty favourites, or try something different – the choice is entirely yours. A beautiful box full of new bounty would just be the very pretty icing on the cake!
Contributor Aoife putting on her base makeup with help from Face Luxe and Liberty

I was advised to have a total of four sessions with Face Luxe and Liberty and was free to choose the days and times that fit best with my schedule. One of the most ingenious parts of this service is that each session is conducted via video link, so you can relax and learn the tricks of the trade in the comfort of familiar surroundings. No queues, no pushy sales assistants and no embarrassing moments in store. The sessions are also recorded, so you can press rewind on anything that you need to revise or improve upon.

Krystina is super friendly, warm and approachable and has the ability to communicate her knowledge in an accessible way. This meant that there were no awkward moments on screen and she was a total pleasure to work with. So, let’s break it down…


Session One: Base

This might sound like a simple one to start with, but a flawless base is the key to a polished look. Krystina walked me through a few savvy moves to apply my foundation with a “second skin” finish and pin-point and camouflage any blemishes or pigmentation. I was also introduced to a hydrating primer and a plumping, water-based serum; both have completely changed my creased concealer game and resulted in a revitalised dewy complexion. Let’s not mention the fact that my Sephora cart was positively overflowing with goodies, such as a magical highlighting corrector and a translucent powder to set everything in place. Investments in my future and all that!

Session Two: Natural and Bold Eye Makeup

Even as a self-proclaimed makeup maven, I found eye makeup the most tricky and tedious part of my face to apply. I had literally been sweeping the same couple of shades across my lids and finishing with a lick of mascara for as long as I could remember. Thankfully, salvation came in the form of the delectable Cognac Sable pallet by Tom Ford, with four new sublime shadows to pimp my peepers. Although this gem is on the pricey side, it contains everything from base to crease colour and blender to liner.

Contributor Aoife applying eye shadow while taking direction from Face Luxe and Liberty over Skype

Session Three: Eyebrows and Winged Liner  

I adore the sexy, sleek “cat eye” look that a black liquid liner provides but, just like some people are prone road rage, I was guilty of serious eyeliner rage (and yes that is a thing!). No matter how long I used to spend carefully drawing onto my lash line, it would always end up jagged and uneven. After watching Krystina apply hers like a pro, I followed suit and soon got the hang of it.

We all know that strong brows are in vogue these days but I was taking this a little too far and knew that mine were looking distractingly fake. Krystina helpfully pointed me in the direction of a brow shade that suited my hair colour and complexion and guided me to just the right parts to fill in, for a defined but natural look.

Session Four: Contour, Blush and Bronzer

After watching one too many of Kim K’s contouring tutorials, I was thoroughly terrified of marking my face with deep brown lines and chiseling cheekbones onto my face. Luckily, I now know how to achieve a softer, more wearable look and have finally found the facial definition that I never knew existed!


Face Luxe and Liberty take a tailored and individualised approach to their client base, making the service ideal for every busy woman in Hong Kong – from the makeup novice to the expert. Whether you’re looking to expand your skill-set, revamp your look or rock a new trend; this is the concierge to have on speed dial.



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