18 May, 2016
Woman getting her eyebrows tinted at Browhaus
Woman getting her eyebrows tinted at Browhaus

Bow Down to the Brow! Browhaus Launch Semi-Permanent Brow Shaping

18 May, 2016
Woman getting her eyebrows tinted at Browhaus scoop

Make those brows beautiful! 


We’re kind of obsessed with a good pair of eyebrows, and *may* just imagine we’re Cara Delevingne with “eyebrows on fleek” every time we come back from our favourite brow bar, Browhaus. That’s right, if you’re wondering where to get your eyebrows done in Hong Kong, look no further than Browhaus – the ultimate spot for professional brow shaping.

Specialising in brows only and offering a variety of treatments, we’re big fans of Browhaus and the high quality of service offered. So it’s safe to say we were pretty excited when we heard that they were launching a new ‘artisan’ brow treatment called Brow Resurrection 2.4. 

What is Brow Resurrection 2.4?

This treatment creates perfectly arched brows and is semi-permanent, which means they are long lasting and designed to be 3D life-like. That’s right – no more rushing around in the morning and fiddling with make-up girls, these eyebrows are here to stay! Whether you’re spending the day by the pool, hitting the surf at the beach or getting a sweat on at the gym, the semi-permanent treatment means those brows will stay perfectly shaped no matter what.

If you’ve gone a bit overboard on the tweezers (we’ve all been there, girls!) and need to fill out your brows and give them a defined new shape, then this treatment promises to give you back those beautiful brows you’ve been dreaming of. Browhaus Brow Resurrection 2.4 uses strand-like designs that mimic real hair, and looks so natural no one will be able to tell that they had some extra shaping up on the side. Years of dedication to research and development has led to Browhaus’s Brow Resurrection 2.4, resulting in finer, more realistic brows with long-lasting durability. Don’t worry, they won’t look like they’ve been drawn on – the focus is on looking natural and they’ll be carefully shaped to suit your face. The best part? It’s pain-free!

Pain-free you say?

Yep, pain-free. Now there’s no need to panic about discomfort when you go to get your eyebrows expertly sculpted! The unique application tool has been made to mimic real brow hair using dye that is 100% vegetable based, which is safe for all skin types and doesn’t cause any discolouration. Before the treatment even begins they’ll make sure your brow is numb by using a top-grade anaesthetic – see, pain-free!


There are high hopes for low brows yet. Browhaus is once again leading the way when it comes to beautiful brows, offering only the best. So get rid of that brow pencil and opt for the Brow Resurrection 2.4 this summer for semi-permanent, perfect brows. You’ll save time on your make-up routine during the hot summer months and you’ll always have “eyebrows on fleek”. Cara would be so proud.


If you’re looking to save time and avoid smudgy make-up in the hot summer months, then the Brow Resurrection 2.4 is definitely worth trying out. Luckily for you, we have a special offer just for Sassy readers until Thursday, 30 June, 2016 – try out the treatment for just $3,960 instead of $6,000. Say hello, beautiful brows!

Browhaus’s signature Brow Resurrection 2.4 is available in Hong Kong from Monday, 16 May, 2016.

Browhaus, The Brow Salon,  8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 3950 3950,  11am – 9pm, www.browhaus.com.hk

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