1 December, 2011
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Ask the Sexologist: Got issues in the bedroom? We’ve got the event for you…

1 December, 2011
Before I met Dr. Heather Howard, I had never owned a sex toy. And all I really knew about sex was that it felt good and you’d be happy if you got some.

In fact, growing up in Asia meant that the only formal education I’d received about sex was limited to a biology textbook on “Sexual Reproduction” with lots of diagrams (both animal and human) and a nurse’s school talk where we were shown scary photos of STDs and then told firmly that this was what would happen to us if we engaged in any sexual activity.

Nobody ever discussed pleasure, intimacy, or even how to negotiate a sexual relationship safely and responsibly. I just assumed this would happen spontaneously once I met the right person and that we would live happily together having hot, passionate sex for the rest of our lives.

Needless to say, after fumbling my way through a few relationships, I quickly realised this was not the reality.

Shortly after I moved to Hong Kong in 2006, I became friends with Dr. Howard – or Heather, as she was then known, since she was still studying for her Ph.D at the time. I had never met a board-certified sexologist before so I was intrigued!

Naturally, I peppered her with all the questions I’d always wanted to ask about sex – where is the g-spot? What to do if a man ejaculates too quickly? How to perform a proper breast exam? Is anal sex safe? And many more. No question was ever too silly or embarrassing.

Through her insights and suggestions, I gained more knowledge about my sexual anatomy, as well as discovered ways to enhance pleasure and intimacy through the use of sex toys and other sensual accessories. More importantly, it changed the way I related to my partners and started me on a lifelong journey of learning about sex.

With her encouragement and guidance, I set up my company Passionately Yours (www.feelpassionately.com) to inspire Hong Kong residents to live more passionately by providing a range of high-quality erotic products and resources, as well as conducting events that promote sexual education and well-being.

Over the years, I’ve been able to refer Dr. Howard’s clinical services to the people who needed them, especially women wanting to improve intimacy or facing sexual difficulties. Even though Dr. Howard moved to San Francisco a few years ago, she has still been able to conduct private consultations effectively with clients here over Skype.

But you can imagine how excited I am to announce that Dr. Howard will be returning to Hong Kong this December for a series of sex education events that we’ve designed specially to meet the needs of Hong Kong residents.

The first event on 8th December 2011, will be a general mixer called “Ask the Sexologist”, an evening where Dr. Howard will answer the most common questions that she receives about sex. And the second event will be a workshop on the 11th December 2011, called “For Women Only: Sexual Education and Body Appreciation” aimed specifically at helping women improve comfort with their bodies and enhance their sexual relationships.

In addition to these events, Dr. Howard will also be offering private consultation sessions at a venue in Central, Hong Kong from 7 – 8th December, 2011, for which bookings can be made by contacting her directly at [email protected] or www.SexualRehab.com.

I really hope to see you at one of these events. Meeting Dr. Howard will definitely change what you think about sex, but it might even change your life, like it did mine!

Event Information:

When: 8th December, 2011 (Thursday), 7 – 9.30 PM
Where: hush bar and lounge, G/F, 2 Glenealy Road, Central, Hong Kong
Cost: $250 in advance, $300 at the door. Light nibbles included.
Space is limited, so register early

Registration & Event Details: www.feelpassionately.com
Information: [email protected], 9509 7871
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When: 11 December, 2011 (Sunday), 11AM – 5PM
Where:  Herman Lam Dance Studio, 1/F Kai Kwong House, 13 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Cost: $2,600 pre-registration. Early bird $2,200 (before 1 December). Includes light snacks and refreshments. Space is strictly limited, so register early.

Registration & Event Details: www.feelpassionately.com
Information: [email protected], 9509 7871
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