15 September, 2015
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Aneurin Chong House – A tea-tastic tasting!

15 September, 2015

A free tea tasting session at Aneurin Chong House is the perfect way to start a relaxing weekend…

Tucked away on the 6th floor of Lok Yu Building on Stanley Street is Aneurin Chong House. I have recently developed a rather extreme obsession with green tea, so I’d been dreaming about a heavenly hour-long tea tasting session all morning. As a result, I whipped through Central’s lunchtime crowds like a pro, jumped in the elevator and arrived, panting, at Aneurin’s door. It had been a whole 10 minutes since my last brew, and I was seriously ready to taste some tea.

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The tea room may not be traditional in décor – I imagined rose wood furniture and dim lighting – but the trinkets and tea sets collected from all corners of the world provide much excitement for the eyes. Aneurin, the owner, is so welcoming, and from the offset his love of tea and its history shines through. We sat down at a long wooden table by the window, which is scattered with beautiful teapots, jars and a rather sweet little Buddha who spurts water out of his ears. On reflection, I probably spent a little too long fussing over him.

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Aneurin’s Red Crimson home-brewed tea was the first to take to the stage. The original blend of white peony and French roses smelt like a summer garden, and the light-weight flavour left our taste buds feeling refreshed. It was totally delicious and low in caffeine too, which means I now drain on average five cups per evening. In fact, I’m drinking it right now. Top marks!

Next up were the Iron Buddha and Aged Yunnan Pu-erh Teas. These were both stronger in taste and richer in colour, a little earthier perhaps. If you’re a fan of a traditional British brew, these are the ones for you. Still tasty, but no match for Aneurin’s house blend in my opinion, which is a credit to his creation.

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Drifting across the ocean to Japan, the Obubu matcha green tea was next in the spotlight. A whisk is required to smooth out the powder, which adds to the delight of the whole tea-making process (especially when you’re allowed to have a turn!). It was a stronger flavour than I’m used to, but anything which speeds up your metabolism is a winner in my books.

For a die-hard caffeine addict like myself, there was no better way to round up the tea tasting session than with a steaming cup of coffee. And blow me down, I think it was one of the most delicious cups I’ve ever tasted. Produced near a mineral-rich Japanese volcano, the luxuriously deep flavour was on point. All hail Binya coffee. I did grind the beans myself though, so I take some credit.

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Not only does a trip to Aneurin Chong House treat your taste buds and quench your thirst, Aneurin’s genuine passion for tea and its history ensures your understanding and appreciation is broadened. Tea tasting sessions are free (!) and held every Saturday morning at 10am. It’s a quaint, cultural experience which is perfect for kicking off a relaxed weekend, so make sure to give them a call and book your place. Plus, Aneurin’s range of teas, coffees, Japanese jams and beautiful tea sets make for perfect presents. I know where I’ll be doing my gift shopping from now on!

Aneurin Chong House, Room 602, Luk Yu Building, 24-26 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9020 8862, www.carameltoffee.com





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