2 April, 2015
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Americanos – Korean Mexican fare done right! Plus a Special Sassy Offer

2 April, 2015

I love finding hidden Hong Kong gems, and as I was browsing all the vintage knick knacks and not-quite-so “antique” antiques around Cat Street, I stumbled upon Americanos. This cool coffee and burrito joint is tucked up Lok Ku road in Sheung Wan, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re looking for it. I was invited by the the lovely owners to try out the food, and I was intrigued to see if the combination of Mexican and Korean fare would work…

americanos - interior


It might be easy to miss, but Americanos is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Sheung Wan area. The exterior is simple and I liked how they made the most of the small outside space with a table and chairs – ideal for lounging in the sun and people watching (and dog-friendly too!). The decor inside is simple but effective, with cute little cacti on the tables and black and white wall art. Don’t be surprised if you spot a hipster or two lounging on the chairs, sipping coffee and munching on a burrito…


americanos sassy - menu

I went for an ice-tea ($25) with lemon and no sugar to cool down after trailing around the streets. In hindsight, I would have added the sugar in for that classic sweet ice-tea taste, but it was refreshing all the same. Apart from coffee, Americanos also serves up a mean Horchata ($25). This cinnamon infused, rice milk concoction is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something warming and sweet – it’s like drinking a giant hug! They also serve alcoholic drinks for a reasonable price (especially for Sheung Wan), so I wouldn’t mind stopping by after work for a casual beer or two to unwind.


americanos sassy - huevos rancheros

We were ready for a big breakfast/lunch/brunch to kick off the weekend, and we began by ordering the most popular brunch dish, the Huevos Rancheros. The side of bacon was deliciously crispy and the soft corn tortillas melted in our mouths with the combination of black beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese and tart pickle. I was a big fan of the pink ginger pickle, which really lifted the dish and cut through the other creamy textures.

americanos sassy -kimchi rice

Korean food is one of my favourite cuisines, which is why I couldn’t resist trying the Kimchi Fried Rice. This was yet another moreish dish, perfect for a cooler day when you’re looking for something warming and filling. The spicy kick of chilli was mild but offered a hint of heat and the kimchi wasn’t too overpowering with that vinegar flavour either, which I enjoyed. The fried egg on top offers a ‘food porn’ moment when the yolk oozes out and coats the juicy grains of rice – I honestly could have eaten bowls and bowls of this comfort food!

americanos sassy - dubokki

Love Mac ‘n’ Cheese? Then you’ll love this Korean twist on another classic comfort dish. The Dduk ‘n’ Cheese ($35) is sinfully cheesy and creamy, the sauce fully coating each Ddukbokii (Korean rice cake). I find some Ddukbokki too chewy, but this one had the perfect amount of bite.

americanos sassy - burrito

We couldn’t leave without trying the Barrio Steak Burrito ($75), a signature dish at Americanos. I’m a big fan of burritos, and I can safely say this goes up there with some of the best in Hong Kong. That being said, it is different to other burritos in town as the tender steak is rubbed with a special spice mix which creates a deliciously unique flavour.

americanos sassy - brownies

We were stuffed by this point, but we couldn’t resist a taste of the Spiced Brownie ($25). This rich, flour-less brownie is the ideal sweet ending to an indulgent meal, and I loved the combination of the fudgy dark chocolate, nuts and chipotle… you only need a small piece to feel completely satisfied because of the intense flavour and spicy kick!


The staff at Americanos are friendly and sweet, making sure that all the customers on the day we visited were well attended to. They are happy to chat about anything on the menu are keen to share their favourite food with the folks of Hong Kong. Americanos is also dog-friendly with it’s little outside table, so this is a great place to stop by with your pup for a coffee and a bite to eat on the weekend.

americanos sassy - general pic


From the cool interior decor to the even cooler food combinations, Americanos has nailed the concept of a ‘casual cool hangout‘ and is now firmly one of my favourite Sheung Wan spots. The ambience is super chilled and the food delicious and comforting – I love how fresh the ingredients are too. The portions are generous and the Mexican and Korean flavours blend together seamlessly to create dishes that you’ll keep going back for. I would definitely recommend Americanos for a relaxed dinner, lunch or brunch with a friend that’s sure to sate any cravings!

Like the sound of this slightly hipster joint? If you quote Sassy when ordering, you’ll get a free brownie for any party of two. Mmm… can you taste the chilli chocolate already?

Americanos, 2/F, Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 5976 4730, www.facebook.com/Americanos.hk

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