6 November, 2014
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10 Things we would like to see in Sex and The City 3

6 November, 2014

SJP and Kristin Davis set the twitterverse alight last week after reigniting the “will they, won’t they” Sex and the City 3 rumour-mill by tweeting hints and photos. While it’s never been completely ruled out nor confirmed, we can’t help but get a little excited about the prospect of a third film. Despite the criticisms most people have in relation to the second film (who could forgive that karaoke scene…), we would very happily join Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte on what the creator has hinted is the “one story left” to tell. So, in no particular order, here are 10 things that we would totally like to see in Sex and The City 3

1. Bring it home
While it’s difficult to deny that SATC 2 was visually gorgeous, albeit a bit unrealistic (seriously, Louboutins in the desert?), we want the film to bring the story home. New York was always the fifth much-loved character of the show, so it would only be fair to return to its roots. Plus, it’s been six years since the first film, which means heaps of hip new neighbourhoods to inspire girls around the world to visit the Big Apple.

2. Working Gal
Charlotte found motherhood all too overwhelming in the last film; prompting a martini-fuelled “they’re driving me crazy” rant to Miranda in their private suite bar. While we’ve always loved Charlotte for her idealistic nature, we’d quite like to see her retrieve some of her independence, perhaps dip a toe back into the working world and recapture a passion. Maybe a return to running a gallery? Or even starting a mommy blog?

3. More Smith Jerrod
Enough said! Who wouldn’t want to see more of this Absolut Hunk?

4. Famous Faces
Yes, we all sighed when Aidan popped up on the big screen in the last film. However with a veritable “who’s who” of former guest stars from the TV show to choose from – we say bring ’em back. After all, who wouldn’t want to catch a glimpse of Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux or Gabriel Macht? There’s even potential for a run-in with Ron Livingstone’s Berger… Carrie deserves to have her post-breakup post-it apology! We feel quite strongly about this, so let’s reiterate – it’s never ok to break up with someone on a post-it!

5. The Boroughs
As we mentioned before – New York has changed since the girls last strutted their stuff down 5th Avenue. With cult TV show Girls taking the world by storm and Brooklyn becoming one of the coolest neighbourhoods around, we’re simply dying to see the ladies navigate their way through hipster-ville.


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6. Digital Dating
Samantha tries out Tinder and the inevitable hilarity ensues as we follow her from online dating disasters to digital hook-ups and more!

7. Next Generation
Cute little redhead Brady Hobbes would be turning 13 if SATC 3 were to come out next year. Since we’ve always loved seeing unconventional Miranda learn how to deal with motherhood (who could forget the poop-on-foreheard incident…), it’ll be interesting to see how she handles a teenage son. What about a teenage son with a girlfriend?

8. Sex and the Social Media
It’s been evident that Carrie and technology have been relatively incompatible; it took her ages to get on email and we’re not 100% sure she really knows how to use it, plus she still has a flip phone. While all this is undeniably adorable because it’s Carrie and we love her, it would be fabulous to see how she copes, as a writer with a largely online market. Blogging, tweeting and instagramming – we want to see it all!

9. Divorce Disaster
Not because we want any relationship to fail but, we can deny that SATC 3 will need some sort of shake-up. Whilst, they did have the most flamboyant wedding in the previous film, what could top Liza Minnelli singing Single Ladies? We never really understood the random pairing of Stamford and Anthony; it seemed a bit too sudden without much of an explanation about the hows and the whys. Sorry boys!

10. Preston Parenting
This will probably be the most controversial but, who else would want to see SATC 3 open with Carrie and Big struggling to handle being older parents to a toddler? The first film was all about Big’s issues with commitment, the second film was about Carrie’s issues with monogamy and, since we don’t want to see Carrie and Big split after it took them long enough to get together, throw a surprise baby into the mix and see the storyline write itself! Plus, how adorable would a mini-Carrie be, teetering around in mama’s Jimmy Choos?

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