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Shopbop Giveaway – win a US$300 shopping spree plus 3 US$100 gift cards for your BFFs!

We’ve already given you the scoop on Shopbop’s revamped website and all their hottest fall trends… but we may have just saved the best for last! We’ve got a US$300 gift card to give away – plus you’ll also get to win three US$100 gift cards for three of your friends to share the Shopbop love!

That’s right – one lucky Sassy girl will win US$300 to indulge in a Shopbop shopping spree – and you’re likely to become the most popular girl in town, as you’ll also get three US$100 gift cards to pass on to three of your BFFs. Don’t forget to spread the word and get all your friends to enter – after all, they might give you one of their gift cards if they strike it lucky. It’s basically a win-win situation all round.

The competition has now ended, and our lucky winner Marion and her friends are extremely thrilled with the prize! Keep tuning in for more exciting giveaways.

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