24 November, 2015

Festival Fashion for Clockenflap!

24 November, 2015

Stylish inspiration for HK’s biggest festival

Clockenflap is back for its eighth edition, which means we have a whole weekend of great music and art ahead of us. It also means we have the perfect excuse to hit the shops – what a drag hey. Now, I’m feeling the pressure this year because I’ve decided it would be quite nice to marry one of the headlining boys … a Libertine perhaps. Sure, I’ve never met them and my full-proof plan is to wave manically in the crowd. But I’m holding out in the hope that a cracking outfit will be enough to persuade at least one of them to get down on one knee. Quick, let’s take a look at the biggest festival fashion trends of 2015 for inspiration, before I start doubting my future as Mrs. Libertine.

boho chic

Boho Chic

Prepare to crochet yourself senseless – boho chic is a festival classic which is showing no signs of fading. Think neutral tones and floaty fabrics, with the occasional tassel thrown in for good measure. To round off this effortless look, head down to Pottinger Street or the Central Lanes, bag yourself a patterned scarf and fashion it into a bandana. Take five minutes to channel your inner Kate Moss and bam, you’re ready to go.

two piece

Two Piece

Two pieces are seriously hot right now in the world of festival fashion, and I’m a massive fan. Go wild with prints and patterns, dabble in the world of tie dye or opt for texture and try your luck with a velvet number. There are a few to choose from on Hong Kong’s high street, but for statement pieces get yourself online. Double the fashion, double the fun!


Dressed Down

Now this is a festival trend I can get on board with. The dressed down look is super fashionable and, of course, super comfortable. Oversized jumpers are the order of the day and can be found left, right and centre on Hong Kong’s high street. Light-weight jumpers of course girls – a heavy cashmere won’t do you any favours when grooving amongst the festival crowds. Spouting sweat from your face like a human sprinkler is never going to feel good.



Denim is so divinely adaptable, it’s no wonder it’s the long standing staple of our festival wardrobes. Denim dresses have made a big comeback this year, and when teamed with some fun headwear and cute boots, are perfectly suited to the festival world. Plus, following the nineties fashion revival, dungarees are once again part of our lives. There’s so much choice, I’m tempted to dip my toe in the double denim pool. Risky, but when done well it’s oh so good. Vintage shops are definitely the way to go when hunting for denim pieces, so make sure you check out our Sassy guide to vintage stores in HK!



Floral garlands are my catnip, so I shall be firmly attaching one to my head for the entire weekend. But why stop at headwear? Trot down to Forever 21, browse their selection of floral dresses and playsuits and transform yourself into a floral goddess. A floral goddess on a budget too, which leaves more funds for fun and play when Clockenflap comes to town. Win, win, win.

If you haven’t already bagged yourself a ticket, I’d get on it sharpish. Clockenflap is an event not to be missed! I’ll see you there…

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