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that girl marta grossi dcg

That Girl: Marta Grossi, Creative Director, Artist and Founder of Banana Graffiti

We interview the creative talent behind the Banana Graffiti Project. This month we caught up with the wildly creative talent Marta Grossi at her whimsical flat on Gough Street. As an artist and illustrator, Marta has captured the attention of … read more

mina park that girl sook dcg 2

That Girl: Mina Park, Founder of Sook

This month we caught up with the incredibly talented, multi-tasking, Mina Park! Mina is not only a counsel at a major international investment bank, but also the founder of one of Hong Kong's favourite foodie brands, Sook. Sook has taken HK by storm … read more


That Girl: Stephanie Chai – Founder of the Luxe Nomad

Our That Girl this month is a jet-setting, high-flying, globe-trotting guru and entrepreneur who turns everything digital she touches into gold. Once a super successful model in Asia, Stephanie Chai now runs The Luxe Nomad, Asia-Pacific's leading … read more

that girl kitty wong dcg

That Girl: Kitty N. Wong – artist and illustrator extraordinaire!

This month's That Girl is none other than the lovely Kitty N. Wong! We fell in love with Kitty's quirky fashion illustrations as soon as we saw them, and we've been huge fans of hers ever since. Not only is Kitty a creative genius, but she's also one … read more


That Girl: Annabelle Baker, Director at LUSH Cosmetics

This month's That Girl is the truly stunning - Annabelle Baker! Not only is she beautiful inside and out, but she's also a director at one of our favourite cosmetics brands, LUSH Cosmetics. Annabelle's worked with LUSH for 16 years … read more

that girl -CharlieLin-dcg-text

That Girl: Charlie Lin, W Insider at W Hong Kong

This week’s That Girl is the fun and bubbly Charlie Lin – the W Insider at W Hong Kong. Her job is to know about everything new and exciting in Hong Kong and she’s a walking Little Black Book full of city secrets and surprises (check out the … read more

that girl - callie abs dcg 1

That Girl: Calista Goh, founder of Anything But Salads

This week's That Girl is the brains behind one of our favourite health food stores, Anything But Salads. This cute store stocks healthy and delicious snacks that we're a little bit addicted to here at Sassy HQ! Not only is Calista Goh a genius in the … read more


That Girl: Victoria Chow, Founder of The Woods

We're ending 2014 on a high with an amazing That Girl! This December we're featuring the brains behind one of the coolest new bars in town, Victoria Chow of The Woods. Conveniently set on Hollywood Road, The Woods has taken the cocktail scene by … read more

that girl jay tan dcg

That Girl: Jay Tan, Hong Kong’s top female professional poker player

This week’s That Girl is Jay Tan, Hong Kong’s top female professional poker player – who traded a career in banking in for a life of royal flushes! We chat to Jay about what traits make a good poker player, if she has ever faced any sexism … read more

that girl emanuela santi dcg

That Girl: Emanuela Santi, Managing Director and Partner of Tuff Consult

This month's That Girl is Emanuela Santi, the beautiful Managing Director and Partner of Tuff Consult! She's put together some of the most glitzy and glamorous events in town and has even worked on the Cannes Film Festival.  We catch up with … read more

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