26 August, 2010

Wax On, Wax Off at Strip Ministry of Waxing

26 August, 2010

I am officially declaring 2010 as the year that I went Brazilian. In April I entered into Brazilian territory by getting a Brazilian blow dry which immediately made my frizz pretty much nonexistent for the entire summer. It is amazing, I highly recommend it and I think I will be tossing away my flat iron to become a Brazilian blow dry addict for life.

Since the hair on my head has been rescued and beautified via a Brazilian method the next natural progression was to keep with the Brazilian theme and work on the hair that normally doesn’t see the light of day. That’s right…I am talking about a Brazilian wax. Out of the three of us here at Sassy I was the one that we chose to test out the Brazilian service at the newly opened Strip Ministry of Waxing and I have to say it wasn’t something I fought against. Being an at home groomer when it comes to these sorts of things I was always intrigued about the process but was also intimidated and a bit scared. So, testing it out for Sassy was just the thing I needed to overcome my fears and it was a surefire way of making sure I actually went through with it.

Strip is the best place to go if you are a Brazilian virgin. They have so much fun with their advertising campaigns that you forget sometimes that you are openly chatting about your most private areas. Upon entering the store I found myself talking to the “Striperella” about the different options for my hair down there and she walked me through the whole process by showing me their Virgin Forest guidebook which pretty much explains the process from start to finish.

The whole decor of Strip is pretty cool. It just feels so modern and hip which is totally different from some of the other places you can go for waxing. The main floor houses all of their products that you can purchase and they have their own line as well as Main + Goetz. There are 4 treatment rooms downstairs and they are decorated in an industrial urban way (think exposed brick walls, concrete floors) which is completely my style. Their art is even done using wax of all different colours.

Okay, so I am sure what you really want to know is about the actual Brazilian itself, right? I am going to be light on the details if you don’t mind because my Dad has been known to visit Sassy from time to time and let’s be honest, no matter how old you are there are some things Dads should just not know about their daughters! The therapist I had was so lovely and she chatted away as if we were in a coffee shop sipping lattes. They are very serious about hygiene and pride themselves on their HSQ (Hygiene, Speed & Quality) mantra. There is absolutely no double dipping and they have been trained to do a Brazilian in 15 minutes flat (first timers may take a bit longer though). I thought I would be nervous to get on the table and just whip my skirt up to my waist and expose myself but really all sense of self consciousness really does melt away once you get on the table. It does help to cover your eyes with a towel so you pretty much can’t see what is going on.

And girls, I can’t lie. The waxing does hurt a bit. I have heard though that Strip  is more pain free then most other places due to their highly trained therapists, their techniques and their Strip Berry Chocolate Wax (which smells so yummy) which is their go-to wax for all Brazilians. They also have fun squeezable animal toys that you can squeeze when the pain gets a bit too intense.

I think I am a convert now. After going once I think it begins to become the sort of thing you just keep maintaining. I really enjoy having the Brazilian now and it feels like my own personal secret. A secret that only my Striperella and husband are in on….and now of course, all of you!

In addition to the Brazilian, Strip does all other kinds of waxing and they also focus on IPL. Check out their website for a list of their products and services and try to make an appointment for the next few days if you can because they are still offering 50% off a service for first timers!

Strip Ministry of Waxing, G/F, 17 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, 2845 0838

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