6 November, 2015

The Dating Game: One Night in Bangkok

6 November, 2015

Ms. Sassy has a steamy stay in Thailand…

So it had been a while since I’d been physical with someone, and I’m well aware you Sassy readers are after the juicy deets of all my nights out. I’ll be honest, girls, it’s driven me up the wall, too. What’s a dating column without the saucy bits, amirite? I was feeling the itch, the 7-month itch, if you will.

Off I hopped on a plane to the city of dreams… okay, it was just Bangkok, but I suppose some people dream of Bangkok, just like in The Hangover II (if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother, it’s the crummier version of the original movie). One night in the sex capital of world surely had to do wonders for my mojo… right? RIGHT?! Urgh, who was I kidding.

Bangkok - Party Girl

Now many of the people I know go to Bangkok for one of two reasons: to get laid, or for a fun hen weekend away (which could also involve getting laid). I was doing neither. I’d opted to visit a friend and do a spot of shopping and get stuck in traffic and enjoy a little trip along the river and get stuck in more traffic. And have a few drinks with a hunky stranger or three… It was a public holiday, so I’d wanted a little getaway from the 852.

Post-dinner with my Bangkok-ian friend and her friends, we headed to a popular bar with live music for a round, or five. And there he was: an American cutie at the bar. This stranger was so lonely, all by himself. Ooo, er. I should come to visit Bangkok more frequently if I had friends who knew where the best places were to find cuties.

He worked for a logistics company and was doing some things in town with Asia-Pacific… I lost interest after five minutes or so, and became more interested in his eyes. The first round helped relax me a little, and then I paid more attention to his stories: he told me about his travels and his hobbies (his family had a house in Mexico which he traveled to once a year and he also was a big snowboarder).

Bangkok - Tequila

And then a round of tequila happened, and then another beer, and then another tequila, and then another beer and then… And then it just happened. His lips were on mine, and mine were on his and other new and not-so-new people were awkwardly sat across on the other sofa averting our gaze. And then it was the two of us and everyone else had all disappeared to go look for someone with a lighter – a four-person job, of course.

It was good, like really really good. Until I was told to slow down. Was I meant to slow down? Oh, shut up, pretty boy, it’d been seven months, there was no way in hell I was going to slow down.

Sassy girls, I’ve become suddenly aware that I sound like a Mills and Boon novel right now. But. Seven. Months.

“I’m staying at the hotel across town, do you want to come back and join me for another drink?” Despite the remark about slowing down, this pretty boy had some manners by asking me politely.

And just like that, it was 4am… and I was on my own with a hot stranger in the middle of Bangkok. In the haze of Jose, I vaguely remembered dishing out this advice… and just as quickly, the thought left my head.

Bangkok - Tuk Tuk

Zooming through the city in a tuk tuk in the early hours after drinking as much as we did is not the one, let me tell you that. But what awaited was plush hotel pillows (which made a change from sofa-surfing at my mate’s place)… and lots of sheets and a duvet or three that were not neatly tucked into the corners by the time the sun came up, if you catch my drift.

A flight took off from Bangkok to Hong Kong later that morning, which I apparently was not on. Oops. Maybe I’m just not meant to learn. Maybe nobody is and we’re all meant to meet pretty people in bars while travelling overseas and have awkward – but oh-so-delicious – moments in life.

Here’s to more of them…

Ms. Sassy’s dating tip of the month: If you’re scouring a foreign city for new talent, be safe, in both senses of the word. And don’t miss your returning flight.

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