28 January, 2014

THANN Sanctuary – Thai-style pampering in Tsim Sha Tsui

28 January, 2014

Ever since discovering the VITA section of Tsim Sha Tsui’s Harbour City mall, I couldn’t wait to explore more of the mini pampering salons and beauty boutiques within – so I was super excited to be invited to the THANN Sanctuary there to try out their signature Healing Stone Body Massage.

THANN Sanctuary is much more spacious and spa-like than Ezina, the previous place I visited in VITA. The dim lighting, dark brown décor and tactile wood furnishings immediately made me feel relaxed and a world away from the bustling mall; after a quick cup of lemongrass tea, I was led to my private treatment room at the back.


The experience began with a quick foot soak, followed somewhat unusually by a shower (there’s a cubicle inside your room) – a little detail I really appreciated, as even just the first hit of steaming hot water had me zooming towards relax mode!

The Healing Stone Massage began with my masseuse placing THANN healing crystals on my seven chakras, from the crown of my head to the base of my spine. Next, a warm compress was placed on my stomach (if you love hot water bottles, you’ll love this!), whilst a combination of massage strokes using deep Swedish-style techniques, copious amounts of delicious-smelling essential oils (I opted for the lavender one, as usual!) and smooth warm stones had me on a two-hour highway to total bliss!


The stones themselves are also supposed to add further to your experience, with black onyx said to soak up negative energy and white howlite that calms your mental state. Now I’m no believer in New Age guff about energies and chakras, but what I can say was that the Healing Stone Massage was totally amazing! Whether it was because of the stones (I absolutely love that sensation of little balls of heat running up and down your body!) or because of my masseuse’s fabulous technique – neither too soft nor too intense – it was two hours of massage heaven. I typically find it pretty difficult to fall asleep during treatments, but was quickly away with the THANN fairies for this one!

Thann_535r_low res
The treatment ended with some wonderful neck and back stretches, which made my already limber muscles feel even more renewed. The treatment had totally refreshed me – my aching muscles felt so much more relieved and my whole frame just felt lighter, with all my tensions and soreness having melted away.

After a juicy slice of fresh melon, another cup of tea and a leisurely browse around THANN’s fantastic collections of lotions and potions (which I had to try and prevent myself from buying all of; you can also shop for gifts online here *hint hint*!), it was back to reality… a much more relaxed reality than normal though!

If you are a pampering fiend, I’d wholeheartedly recommend THANN’s Healing Stone Body Massage – it’s easily one of the best massages I’ve had recently, whilst the convenient mall location makes it all too easy to incorporate into one of your TST shopping trips!

The THANN Healing Stone Body Massage costs $1400 for 90 minutes

Thann Sanctuary   Room 1010-11, 10/F, World Commerce Centre, Harbour City, 11 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
3689 4391  www.thann.com.hk


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