24 September, 2010


24 September, 2010

A few weeks back I saw a few friends of mine on Facebook liking the page for stylestalker. Being the nosy person that I am (aren’t we all nosy on Facebook sometimes?!) I had to check out what exactly stylestalker was and why so many of my friends were liking it. Literally, upon arrival at the page I was hooked, heart beating a mile a minute type of hooked. Love at first sight doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt upon seeing this amazing Aussie line. Honestly, I had to exit out of the site as quickly as I stumbled upon it because I feared for my credit card.

The dress that started my love affair with this brand is the one below. I mean, how absolutely amazingly cool is this?!

Wet T-Shirt Dress

While I would love to pull off this pretty white number I think the peacock blue version of this dress is more appropriate for me and it is currently waiting in “My wishlist” page on their site.

Some of my other favourites that I can’t get out of my mind are:

Tentacle Skirt

Point Break Dress

Wipe Out Dress

Fins Jacket

Um, can you tell that I am kind of drawn to their body con styles?

If you check out their website it seems as if this brand is so popular they can’t even keep things in stock. A number of items are currently out of stock but it seems as if they are restocking them due to high demand. One of my current favourites, Gizzy and Nacho is carrying stylestalker so you can order directly through them and get free shipping on your items if you are in Hong Kong!

Check out what they have in store for us for Fall/Winter 2010!

Winter 2010 Collection from stylestalker on Vimeo.

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