23 February, 2017
woman sitting wearing leather skirt
woman sitting wearing leather skirt

Fall Fashion: 8 Ways to Style a Leather Skirt

23 February, 2017
woman sitting wearing leather skirt

A Leather Skirt is Your Best Friend


Considering what I do for a living (I’m a handbag designer!), my obsession with leather is a given. But I still remember the day my love affair started. It was years ago when I first laid eyes on my first leather skirt.  These are, in a word—cool, adding a dose of edge to any outfit, and they can be infinitely styled!

From the runways of Prada to the streets of New York City, these little numbers have been popping up everywhere. What was once considered a seasonal trend is now an all year around stylish staple. Whether you consider yourself unapologetically edgy or fearlessly feminine, there is a supple leather skirt that suits every personality, body type and occasion! Here are my top ways to wow ’em, ladies…

leather skirt with shirt tucked in
Feminine Touch

Tuck a silky blouse into a high waisted pencil skirt to accentuate your curves! Throw on some gold accessories, sport a smokey eye and you’ll look super elegant –if not a bit badass. It’s the perfect look for your next big date.

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Keep it Professional

Invest in a high-waisted black leather pencil skirt and pair it with a crisp white button-down and pumps. You will feel like a force to be reckoned with in the office. This is the perfect outfit to carry on after work to drinks and dinner. Roll up your sleeves, unbutton your shirt a little, throw on a statement necklace, apply a winged liquid liner and you are good to go!

Live on the (Fashion) Edge

Unleash your daring side by opting for a pleated leather mini skirt, shocking pink lips, and heeled booties. You don’t have to be a rock star to dress the part! FYI – Leather is thicker, so if you are a curvier girl, this look may not suit you as your super sexy Beyonce/Jlo glutes might make the back of this skirt stick out like it is floating in mid air!

Go Party Girl Chic

Opt for a leg-baring mini and pair it with a tucked in tank or off the shoulder, stilettos, cute cross body and smack on a red lip!

pleated leather skirt

Get Flirty

Your leather skirt brings some of the edge to a long pleated version, so if you pair it with a romantic lace top it will soften up the look nicely. For a fun night out, try a cropped version for the added flirt factor.

Keep it Cosy

Wear a cosy or knitted sweater over your leather mini to balance out your proportions. When you combine sweaters with mid-length leather skirts, tuck in the sweater to show off your waist and avoid looking frumpy!

Prep it out

Coupled with a classic chambray button-down (tied in the front), your leather mini will be ready for any college town. Slip on your go-to ballet flats and saddle bag and you’re ready to go!

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and greet the cool weather in a coloured leather skirt. My colours of choice would be Navy and Maroon.

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