29 September, 2016
dresses on a rack
dresses on a rack

YEECHOO Infinity: Unlimited Designer Outfits for $680 a Month!

29 September, 2016
dresses on a rack scoop

The options are endless…


Okay girls, let’s face it. Living in Hong Kong does not come cheap (*ahem* rent…) , which means we’re into anything that can save us some moolah. But if you’re like us, you dream of having the perfect designer wardrobe without breaking the bank. Wondering how we can afford to wear Chanel on a girls’ night out? We’ll let you in on every Hong Kong fashionista’s best kept secret… YEECHOO Infinity.

collage of yeechoo outfits

The dresses above are from Nicholas, Petersyn and self-portrait respectively. All for free under YEECHOO Infinity

What is YEECHOO Infinity?

Who has the closet space or the money for designer dresses you only wear ONCE? Talk about wasteful!

With YEECHOO Infinity, you pay one monthly price of $680 for unlimited designer rentals. Now you can finally dress like you shop at Lane Crawford every day while saving your wallet and the planet – dreams do come true.

See, renting isn’t just sustainable and eco-friendly, it’s also way more fun. With YEECHOO Infinity, you’ll have access to over thousands of designer dresses and accessories for one monthly price of $680 – that’s even less than what you’d pay for a dress at Zara!

Casual drinks, conferences, beach getaways, cocktail parties, girls’ nights, weddings, galas, dinner dates… we Hong Kong ladies are a busy bunch. Who has time to go shopping for a unique outfit every time something pops up on the calendar? With YEECHOO Infinity, you’ll:

1) Always be the best-dressed without ever repeating an outfit twice

2) Save TONS of money and space

3) Never have to worry about dry-cleaning – YEECHOO takes care of that too!

Here’s how it works

Each month, rent as many items as you want for 4 or 8 days each time. With your $680 subscription to YEECHOO Infinity, you can rent any dresses and accessories with the combined rental price of $680 or under without having to pay anything extra.

If you want to rent something even more upscale, like an Alexander Wang dress with an individual rental price of $780, then you just have to pay the difference between that and $680. That means you’d just pay $100 for an even more exclusive dress, what a steal! When you’re done wearing it, just return it to YEECHOO’s showroom in Central (just off the Escalator) or request a pickup from your home or office. Easy peasy!

YEECHOO Infinity is perfect if, like us, you want to wear different designer styles without committing to the exorbitant price tags. With YEECHOO Infinity, you can upgrade your daily style at a fraction of the cost and dress like you stepped out of Vogue. Why would you buy one expensive dress when you can wear an unlimited number of luxury outfits for way less?! It’s a no-brainer to us…


Not sold yet? Here’s your chance to try out YEECHOO Infinity for yourself! Simply enter the giveaway below TODAY to be one of three Sassy readers to win a month of YEECHOO Infinity and a private styling session with a senior stylist!

What’s more, YEECHOO is offering an unprecedented “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer to Sassy Girls. Any Sassy readers who sign up with a friend for YEECHOO Infinity by Friday, 15 October using the code “SassyOct16” upon checkout will receive an extra month of Infinity for free!

What are you waiting for? This offer is too good to pass up… you’ll be ready to slayyy like Beyonce in all your new gear…



Brought to you in partnership with YEECHOO

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