6 September, 2017
Diamond Registry: Offering A New Way To Sell Your Diamond Rings
Diamond Registry: Offering A New Way To Sell Your Diamond Rings

Diamond Registry: Offering A New Way To Sell Your Diamond Rings

6 September, 2017
Diamond Registry: Offering A New Way To Sell Your Diamond Rings scoop

Get to know what your ring is worth


Got a diamond ring that just “isn’t you”? Or maybe you were given a piece of jewellery as a gift and now don’t need the one you’ve had for a while? Take advantage of Diamond Registry’s brand new range of services that will help you sell your diamond jewellery for the right price. No second-guessing what you can get for Nana’s bequeathed wedding band – the experts will evaluate your diamonds to ensure you know exactly how much it’s worth. They will not only help you understand the value of your diamond, but will even help you to sell your ring and ensure you get the maximum price internationally available.

What is reason behind this new way of selling rings?

Whether it’s because you got a cool new diamond upgrade, you have your eye on a pendant that suits your taste or you have to sell your jewellery for financial reasons, Diamond Registry is here to help. Even though people have been selling their rings for ages, it doesn’t mean they knew how to get the best price. Luckily, Diamond Registry has always been the leader in the industry. It’s always been aware of private seller’s need to find experts who will help you get the best deal for your goods. And nothing is worse than getting a fraction of what your jewellery is worth!

What does the new way of selling offer?

Diamond Registry’s new services don’t just help you get the most of your jewellery, it also offers a wide range of benefits for diamond ring sellers. Aside from eliminating the risk of selling your jewellery for less than it’s worth, it can also offer:

 – Free diamond evaluation of the diamond – a “diamond appraisal”- so you’ll have a full understanding on what the diamond is worth
 – Expert support when selling your diamond
 – Free international matching service of buyer and seller


diamond registry jewellery valuation

Why is Diamond Registry the right place for selling your diamond?

Diamond Registry is the world’s largest and extensive diamond information and price platform. Established in 1961, it helps private individuals sell and buy diamonds at the right price. And because it has a relationship between diamond producers and diamond sellers, the company has become known as the ‘matchmaker’ in the industry.

Diamond Registry’s CEO Nissan Perla explains: “I discovered that there is a lack of understanding on how to sell your diamond. With my 35+ years of experience, I feel the need to share my knowledge as I am at the heart of the industry. At the same time obviously, the industry is getting beautiful merchandise back on the market without taking advantage on those who don’t have all the facts.”

Because it has the top experts in the field, the Diamond Registry is perfectly poised to help diamond sellers locate a buyer, anywhere in the world. Through a free appraisal, you will have the information you need to help you make sure you don’t get prices below your diamond’s value, and Diamond Registry will be sure to find you the best price on the market – at no cost to the owner!

The best part is the Diamond Registry will do all the legwork for you. Kick back and relax while they place the diamond product on the market and present offers to you. If you’re unsure which offer to take, you’ll be given advice on how to choose the right buyer.

Why did Diamond Registry introduce this new feature?

The Diamond Registry wants to make the diamond trade market a transparent and level playing field for private sellers, which is why they’ve introduced these new features. Since you’ll already know how much your ring is worth before you sell it, you can rest assured you won’t be getting ripped off.

Don’t leave your sale to chance; leave it to the experts at Diamond Registry.

Brought to you in partnership with Diamond Registry.

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