15 August, 2011

Street Style: Staying Chic in the Heat

15 August, 2011

One would think that after five summers in Hong Kong, I would have figured this out by now!  But sadly, no. I am usually a frizzy, steamy, literal hot-mess loaded with bags and tripping over my own two too-big feet. On a recent style-spotting trip around Central, I found so many chic sistas that they just may be able to show me the way to summer style! I need a little inspiration above and beyond my near-daily trip for fro-yo to get me through these 30+ degree days.

The winner by far for the missy-on-the-move was the simple summer dress and a great pair of flats. This “go-anywhere do-anything” style is exactly what I need when I am, well, on the go doing things. What set them apart from the other ladies strolling the streets was the creative use of accessories and the attitude of someone who knows they are rockin’ it!

photos by: www.SabrinaSikoraPhotography.com

Alice (top & above) shows us not to be afraid of bright colors. She brightens up a sunny day even more with hues of tangerine and bubblegum pink, topped off with matching red lips and shades. When going wild with prints or colors, it is best to keep the accessories on the tame side so as does not to look like you put everything in your closet on at once.

I love Kate’s black and white printed shift dress. The cat-eye glasses and the Alexander Wang bag edge her out a bit, but the girly lace up sandals add balance to the look. This look could take her around all day and even into the night with the addition of a pair of sky-high heels.

Marloes is one hot mama!.I love her simple fitted tank dress and also love that she is showing off that baby-to-be with a hot pink skinny belt. It just goes to show that maternity clothes do not have to be tent-like or boring. She would look amazing in this look – pre or post pregnancy.

Now that I am all inspired by these three lovely ladies, here is my own must-have summer day look. I pulled the chic shift from Kate, the crayola color from Alice and the celebrity sized shades from Marloes. I added the ever prevalent pashmina and umbrella that we all carry around plus a healthy dose of frozen yogurt! Now, I just need some attitude and I am set!

So get out and enjoy the sunshine, ladies!  It’s Hong Kong, after all, and you never know how long that sky will be clear and blue. Breathe it in deep. It always goes down smooth!

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