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Settle In with Sassy

We’re very excited at Sassy as we’ve just launched our new “Settle In with Sassy” programme, which is a newcomers course for girls who have just arrived in Hong Kong. Natalie, Maura and I actually met and became friends by doing a newcomers course, so when we started Sassy all the way back in March, we always knew that one of our goals was to make our own version and give it a fun and girly twist.

Arriving in Hong Kong from overseas can be a little daunting – there is so much that is different to take in, and apart from all the life admin/unpacking/finding an apartment, you also need to figure out where you will get your hair done, where to shop, and how you are going to make friends. Settle In with Sassy aims to give you a head start on all that by running our course for a small group of 6-12 like-minded girls who are all in the same boat as you, accompanied by the Sassy Guide to Hong Kong which will let you in on all the secrets we’ve discovered.

Over the four weeks the programme runs for, we’ll be meeting every Wednesday morning for a session in a different location around the city. We’ll explore a different subject each week, and answer any and all possible questions you could have about life here. We’ll also be sharing lunches and outings to help you get to know your group and bond with them.

Spaces are limited due to the fact that we really want to keep the groups small. The cost of the programme is HK$650 for all 4 weeks, and additional costs like lunch, coffee and transport will be at your own expense in order that we could keep the overall cost low. You can find more details on the Sassy Site, or by emailing us at [email protected].
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