11 October, 2011

Seeing Spots

11 October, 2011

It seems everywhere I turn, I see spots! Little spottie-dottie polka dots are turning up on all of the fall runways. While the polka dot itself is not a new creation, the reemergence of this playful print is certainly a welcome one. When I see polka dots, I start to smile inside! The wearer of this print can never be too serious. Though normally done in black and white, a color combination that typically conjures up images of class and sophistication, the presence of this print gives this color combo a quirky retro feel. And when done in a color or on a sheer floaty silk chiffon, well, watch out! The polka dot is reborn!

So how can you wear this print? Well, you can pair denim and dots for a casual day out or mix the print with stripes for a visual delight as seen here!

An easy way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is to throw on a polka dot accessory as the Hong Konger here has done with her scarf. Try pairing a cute body-con skirt with a loose tee like Su Hyun Lee who I spotted (pun intended) while walking through Causeway Bay. I love her little brown cross body bag and the punch of color with those neon nails.  I have a black and white polka dot shirtdress and I love pairing it with flats, a bright orange lip, and some vintage cat-eye glasses.

The key is to think of this circle print as a wardrobe basic. You can add color, neutrals, texture – anything goes! This is one print that can you can actually wear in the office and on the weekends and look fresh and modern both places… unless, of course, it’s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.  You may not want to wear that one to work! Otherwise, get your dots on!

Photo Credits:
1st Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue,
2nd Photo: Left photo: Sabrina Sikora Photography / Right photo by Chuck St. John
3rd Photo: Sabrina Sikora Photography

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