10 September, 2010
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Saturday Morning at Portobello’s

10 September, 2010

For me, Portobello’s has been one of those places that I sometimes forget about. I have stared into it tons of times from the steps of Staunton Street and have stopped in for tea with friends on occasion but it has yet to become part of my regular rotation until recently. It is slowly becoming my staple on Saturday morning.

The routine has been going like this. My husband gets up for an 8am training session (he is training for a boxing match on the 28 October and has been working out like a mad man) and I leisurely take my time getting out of bed. Around the time he is finishing punching the lights out of other banker types I take a nice walk down to Portobello to meet him for breakfast, all the way hoping I will not be greeted by a black eye.

What I love about the whole set up of Portobello’s is that it is so laid back and casual. When I arrive my husband is usually waiting for me reading the paper with his coffee already in hand. I normally pick up a copy of HK magazine on my way in and we sit and casually chat and read the paper while sipping on our coffee and tea. We order off the breakfast menu and I fluctuate between getting the scone set which is scones, clotted cream and jam with tea or coffee or just a regular bagel with butter and jam. My husband on the other hand has been very loyal to the smoked bacon bagels with HP Sauce. Now the plural at the end of bagels was not a typo on my part. The dish actually comes with 2 bagels so it is perfect for sharing or if you have just worked out and need to totally refuel your body (like my husband) then you may not even bother with sharing at all! We actually really like the bagels too and think they are the best that we have had since moving to Hong Kong.

Portobello’s has a number of small tables and 1 booth that is perfect for 4 people. We always chose a table as there is something nice about being out in the open in a cafe setting. The tables are on the small side so you do have to move things to make room for your breakfast but for me that is part of the charm. So many things are oversized these days that it is nice to have to think of the best way to fit your tea and breakfast on the table!

G/F, 9 Staunton Street
SoHo, Hong Kong
2523 8999
Mon-Fri 8am-late, Sat, Sun, Public Holiday 9am-late

Sassy Tip: The cakes at Portobello’s are perfect for dessert when you have guests over for dinner!

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