5 September, 2011

Sassy Scoop: Pacific Petals – A Flower Fairy Godmother

5 September, 2011

In a perfect world I would get up early every Saturday morning and take the MTR to the Flower Market. I would stop for a coffee and sip it casually while I stroll down the street and I would take my time picking out the flowers I want to display in my home that week. In this perfect world, I would come home and be able to effortlessly arrange my beautiful flowers and put them in a vase that is perfectly suited for the buds I picked out. In this perfect world nothing would ever come between my weekly flower trip and me.

This type of world doesn’t really exist for me. Life always seems to get in the way and let’s be honest, in this crazy and fast paced city we live in there is always a reason (hangover, junk trip, yoga, brunch…) for passing on a Saturday trip to the Flower Market.

The thing is, I would love to sprinkle my home with flowers on a regular basis. It always makes me feel so happy and put together when I have pretty flowers in my apartment but the quick and easy alternative usually means spending lots of cash at super expensive shops or coming home with an arrangement that may not necessarily fit with my Western taste.

Enter Pacific Petals; a subscription-based flower company that delivers beautifully arranged flowers to your door every week. I like to say they are a flower fairy godmother. They really make it so easy on you. All you need to do is order online and like magic your arrangement will appear at your home or office like clockwork each week (or bi-monthly, monthly if you prefer).  They offer a variety of different sizes and since they source from all over the world you will receive unique flowers that aren’t readily available in Hong Kong flower shops and most definitely not in your local supermarket. The prices are pretty good too (they start at $980 for four deliveries) so don’t stop reading because you think this sort of convenience will come with a hefty price tag.

Since I am a complete mess when it comes to flower arranging I love whoever made the decision at Pacific Petals to make it super easy on us. Each order is professionally arranged by their fabulous floral team (who hail from five-star hotels such as the Four Seasons and the Mandarin) and when you order your first arrangement your flowers will be delivered with a complimentary vase. For every delivery after that all you need to do is plop your flowers into your vase add some water and you are done. No cutting, no arranging – so simple!

If you are not ready to commit to the regular delivery service you can order a one-time gift anytime you want. They also do corporate events and weddings for all you blushing brides-to-be.

Pacific Petals, www.pacificpetals.com, [email protected], 2151 1151 (Monday – Friday from 10am-6pm)

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