29 June, 2015

Sabrina’s Top Beauty Picks: June

29 June, 2015

Sabrina here… back again with a freshly picked batch o’ beauty products from my June sample sesh. This month is more about taking care of your skin than anything else, and I have found some really lovely products to cleanse, refresh, and revitalise your complexion. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Mask of MagnamintyLUSH Mask of Magnaminty
If you like the fresh smell of minty goodness (and who doesn’t) than this mask is for you! LUSH has brought us a multi-purpose mask slammed full of peppermint and marigold essential oils, calming kaolin, and exfoliating primrose seeds and aduki beans. The mask is super thick and gritty so I scooped it out with a small spatula (great for keeping bacteria out of the jar) and applied it with a clean foundation brush, which ensures even application while also keeping your nails neat too. Once on, the minty tingle went to work and felt really energising. This would be a great start to your Sunday morning after a big night out as it really wakes you up. After 15 minutes, I grabbed a damp cloth and went to work gently massaging it off of my face. It did a nice job of exfoliating and I was left with a bright, soft complexion underneath.

Remember to keep this product in the fridge so it stays fresh and to add a cool zing upon application. While it is self-preserving, meaning that is lasts longer than other fresh-made LUSH products, it does have an expiration date so don’t forget that it is in there!

Available at all LUSH Hong Kong store locations (see here), www.lush-hk.com.

regenerating-mask-with-rare-prickly-pear-seed-oilChristophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil
Just one step out the front door and your hair expands threefold thanks to that glorious HK humidity. To battle this phenomenon and to combat any damage that may lead to excess frizz, I gave this Christophe Robin Mask a shot for a week. Within the first use I noticed that my hair was shinier and less prone to fly-aways… and this was last week when it was rainy and horrible outside everyday! After shampooing, apply the masque from roots to ends and leave on as you go about the rest of your shower. Five or so minutes later add more water and massage the scalp and hair, then rinse out. No need to follow with conditioner as your hair will be silky smooth… all thanks to the prickly pear seed oil! I love the smell, which is similar to a bowl of honey-covered oatmeal – comforting and delicious. You only need a little and you only need to apply once a week at best, so the tub will last you a while.

03_UF_Masq_full_sz_003Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque
I need to thank Kiehl’s for making this product perfect for lazy people who want gorgeously supple skin (i.e. me!). Slather this thick gel masque on your face, neck, chest, and hands and go straight to sleep to recharge your youthful glow overnight. It’s really that simple! I do recommend a separate eye cream, but if you can manage that then you are good to go. The texture is quite thick so it took me a few nights to get used to it, but once I did I came to look forward to the luxe texture. In the morning my skin was plump and slightly dewy and ready for my next moisturiser and sunscreen application. I have a feeling this product would really help your skin on your next long haul flight too!

Available at all Kiehl’s stores in Hong Kong, see here for all store locations.

unnamed-1Evie All-Star Cleansing Velvet
If you have been following this column then you already know that I am a big fan of local label Evie (see here!). Their products are made with no nasties and smell of the most intoxicating yet refreshing scents. The All-Star Cleansing Velvet is an intense make up remover that doesn’t at all feel overpowering on your skin, but instead creamy and gentle. You can use it two ways depending on the level of cleansing that you need. For a more gentle option, use with damp face and hands, smooth on, and rinse away. To ensure that full-face evening look comes off, then apply to dry skin and wipe off with a wet cotton pad and rinse well. You will love how smooth your face feels after… almost like velvet!

Evie products are available on their site and at Harvey Nichols locations in Hong Kong.

Gucci Bold High-Gloss Nail Lacquer in Iconic Ottanio

Enough with the products that only you know you used – here’s a beauty treat that you can enjoy for all to see! If you are looking for something a little different for your tips and toes then try Iconic Ottanio nail polish by Gucci. The mesmerising metallic deep teal shade is a nice contrast to the summer whites you are likely wearing and it looks great no matter how your tan is shaping up. The brush was easy to maneuver thanks to Gucci’s triangular shaped bristles that allow the polish to glide smoothly on with no streaks. The first day I wore this I had friends asking what the shade was!

heart-pinkNow you have enough products here for an at-home spa treatment. So call up the girls, chill the champers, and get ready for a spa-rty! See you next month, Sassy ladies!



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