11 March, 2010
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11 March, 2010

Where has the week gone?  It’s already Thursday!  If you’re like us over at Sassy it’s been a busy week and we want to let loose and enjoy the weekend.  What better way to blow of steam from work than to laugh.  Starting tonight and performing live through Saturday at Punchline are 3 international  stand-up comedians; Eddy Brimson (British), Wayne Deakin (Australian) and Tony Woods (American). For two hours you can sit back and let someone else do the entertaining. 

When: March 11th-13th; 9-11pm
Where:2/F Sun Hung Kai Ctr.,30 Harbour Road,Wanchai, Hong Kong, Tel: 2598 1222
What: Stand-up Comedy with 3 international funnymen
Price: Tickets are $320 here

Get this, you can even arrive early for a buffet dinner starting at 7:30pm for $130.00!

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