19 August, 2010
Eat & Drink

Paul Lafayet cakes at the new Forest Bird Café

19 August, 2010

UPDATE: Forest Bird Cafe is now closed.

Last Friday afternoon after a very productive Sassy meeting, Natalie, Hester and myself needed a bit of a recharge. After hearing all the buzz about the newly designed Forest Bird Café we decided to pop in for dessert and tea. As part of their mini face lift, Forest Bird has added additional seating in the most beautiful blue colour (see below) and we happily found ourselves seated in the back chatting away about our weekend plans and drooling over the two dresses that were perfectly staged as part of the café’s decor.

The true stars of the show though were the yummy Paul Lafayet mini cakes that we devoured in close to a minute. They were the perfect size for a little afternoon treat and we tried the blueberry cheesecake (in the first picture above), the green tea cake and the chocolate cake. I was on a green tea kick last week so I had that one and it was so very good. I kind of expected that though after hearing all the great things about Paul Lafayet patisserie. Paul Lafayet cakes and pastries are made fresh every day using premium imported ingredients and no artificial flavouring or preservatives are used. Forest Bird also serves their macaroons which are on my must try list during my next visit to the Forest Bird Café.

Definitely add Forest Bird Café to your list of places to check out over the next week or so. There is a pretty good chance you will find us there as it is quickly becoming one of our favourites to grab a cup of coffee, a sweet treat and some quality time with our girlfriends. Oh, and how could we forget the fabulous shopping. Please don’t blame us if your credit card gets a workout too!

Forest Bird
Address: 39 Staunton Street, Soho
Phone: 2810 1166

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