Party Dresses at Karen Millen

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Karen Millen – something about the style of the clothes always felt a little bit too structured and WAG-ish for me… the kind of garments I can imagine girls with perma-blow-dried glossy hair who always wear a full face of makeup to the gym would wear (e.g. possibly the kind of girl I should aspire to be!). It’s on the more expensive end of high street fashion, and I never really thought the designs could justify the fairly steep price tags.

This season though my opinion has totally changed, and I spent a very happy hour or so in the Wellington Street store the other day trying on numerous great little slinky dresses in the hope of finding something to wear for our Sexy Xmas party on Wednesday. From romantic and floaty to super-tailored and sleek, there’s a party dress there for every style and body type, and some great shoe options as well, all with super-high spiky heels.

There’s a lot of detailing to the dresses which is great in such a monotone season, and which elevates them beyond what you can usually find on the high street, and which is used to flatter curves and skim over bumpy bits. Sequins and chiffon abound, and it’s great to see some red and grey amongst the sea of mostly black. Prices aren’t low, with more basic dresses starting around HK$2,400 ranging up to HK$4,600 for more embellished sequin-ed numbers. You get 10% off with an HSBC credit card though, so every little helps!

G/F 56-58 Wellington Street, Central
2530 2092
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