10 March, 2010

Oscar Winners and Losers

10 March, 2010

Best Picture went to The Hurt Locker, Leading Actress winner was Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges took the Oscar for best Actor in a Leading Role…..blah, blah, blah. Let’s face it, we all watched the 82nd Academy Awards for one simple reason: the fashion!

Don’t you just love getting cozy on the couch to watch all the Hollywood starlets strut down the red carpet looking glamorous (or at least attempting to)?  It’s so  exciting to see which stars take risks and which choose to play it safe.  There is no doubt that this is probably one of the most watched fashion events around the world. Celebrities spend hours even days getting dolled up for this big event. This year the carpet was filled with all kinds of trends; from bold prints to pale nudes, rich reds to basic black….dresses ranged from long and flowy to super structured. While some nailed their looks, others really bombed. Here are our picks for best and worst dressed:

Best Dressed:

Hester: Cameron Diaz, because this time she actually did her hair nicely! Usually she wears a gorgeous dress but doesn’t bother with her hair, but this time she did both and looks lovely. So, it’s a bit “princessy”, but in a good way, and the Oscars is the one time you can really go all out (apart from your wedding).

Maura: I chose Rachel McAdams.I love when someone takes a chance and goes with a print for a major Red Carpet event – another one of my favs this year was Maggie Gyllenhall who did the same. Rachel’s watercolour Elie Saab gown has me yearning for spring and I think it looks so whimsical on her. I love that she kept her jewelry simple as the dress really does say it all.

Natalie: I love Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture.  The cream and black chiffon dress with Chanel’s signature camellias had such a vintage old Hollywood feel.  Her understated makeup and jewelry were the perfect touch to go with such a detailed dress.  The cinching at the waist and knees is a look that is tough to pull off, yet Diane looks stunning.  Not only does Diane look great from the front, but she looks amazing from the back as well.  I’m wondering if any of the tailors in Hong Kong could create a good copy of this one for me?!

Worst Dressed:

Hester: I usually love Charlize Theron and think she plays it very safe, but this for me is the stand-out horror of the night. Chesticles swathed in lilac rosettes? AWFUL!

Maura: Kate Winslet. I am sure many will disagree with me as I have seen Kate on tons of Best Dressed list for this YSL dress but it does absolutely nothing for me. I actually think it looks like a bad bridesmaid dress or something like that from back in the day. I usually think she nails it on the red carpet so Miss Winslet did let me down a little this year.

Natalie: My vote goes to Zoe Saldana (though it was a tough choice as I thought J.Lo was quite tacky as well).  There is so much going on at the bottom of the dress that Zoe goes unnoticed.  The dress seriously looks like she has a bunch of poodles walking the red carpet with her!

We’re curious, who were your picks for best and worst dressed?

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