24 May, 2010
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MobArt Gallery – Charles LaBelle Art Exhibition (28 May)

24 May, 2010

The whole idea of visiting an art gallery is very romantic to me…the big open spaces, the white walls, the sophisticated voices commenting on the brush strokes or the abstract meanings behind each piece. With that being said though, I seldom visit galleries because as romantic as they seem they also intimidate me a tiny bit because I don’t know much about art.

I recently just heard about MobArt Gallery and I am in love with their concept. You see, they realize that art does not have to be displayed in a traditional gallery to be appreciated. Their goal is to make art more accessible to everyone so instead of having their own physical space they bring the art to local urban spaces like restaurants, coffee shops and lounges. The purpose behind MobArt is to bring art to people who don’t normally venture into galleries. They want to bring a casual and unintimidating  environment so everyone can enjoy art at ease.

Their latest show opens this Friday and it will be featuring the art of Charles LaBelle. The exhibition will be held at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (HKMMS) and it will focus on showcasing over tw0 hundred drawings from LaBelle’s project Buildings Entered. The drawings are careful pencil drawn renderings of places which the LaBelle has visited over the past thirteen years (hospitals, barber shops, massage and acupuncture centers, tattoo parlors, funeral homes etc..)

The exhibition will last until 27 June and MobArt would like to invite you to the official opening that will be held this Friday.

Event Details for the Charles LaBelle Exhibition
Duration: 28th May – 27th June 2010
Opening: 28th May (Fri), 6.00 – 9.00pm ([email protected])
Venue: The Hong Kong Museum of Medical sciences (The Old pathological institute) No.2 caine Lane, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

For more information on MobArt and to keep a pulse on where they are moving next check out their website!

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