A-Z Guide for Girls New to Hong Kong

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If there’s one thing Hong Kongers don’t do by halves – it’s nights out! Whether you’re wining and dining in some of the trendiest eateries in SoHo, going all out at a fancy brunch or partying in LKF – you may find yourself wishing for a spare slot in your hectic social calendar to get ready for it all! Get yourself booked in to airplay, HK’s first blow dry bar for a one-stop styling shop that’ll have you preened and ready for anything the 852 throws at you. Wash, blow dry and style your hair at affordable prices and save time by having your makeup professionally done at the same time. We guarantee you’ll be the belle of the ball!

* We also have to give AsiaXPAT a mention! If you’re looking to deck out your pad, but have been rather overwhelmed at the options and prices of it all, make sure to check out their classified section where you’re guaranteed to find cheap (occasionally free!) second-hand furniture, electronics, cars and all things house-hold related. 

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airplay, 7/F, W Place, 52 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong,

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The Bottle Shop

The boxes have arrived and your couch has finally been delivered – it’s time to celebrate! And with plenty of house warming parties on the horizon, you’ll definitely want to stock up and ensure that you won’t run out of your favourite tipple or that special bottle of bubbly. The Bottle Shop’s online store provides free door-to-door delivery Hong Kong wide with an amazing selection of craft spirits, brews and boutique wines on offer (and 5% off purchases for members!). Simply choose from their extensive list and start unpacking those champagne flutes! We know that moving is thirsty work, so be sure to take a break and visit their quirky craft beer taproom which doubles as a great brunch spot if you’re on the hunt for Aussie-style coffee and a delicious eats.

The Bottle Shop, 15 Bridges Street, Central, Hong Kong,

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City Mapper

When you first touch down, trying to navigate the busy streets can be an absolute nightmare. Everything looks the same with bright city lights and dried seafood shops on every corner. We promise you’ll quickly find your footing and your way around the winding streets and alleyways, but in the mean time, we won’t judge you for needing a little extra help. Enter City Mapper, a handy in-your-pocket app that’ll navigate you from A-B in one quick search. Find the best routes and shortcuts in real time as you get to grip with public transport and this amazing concrete jungle!

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Download the app here for iPhone and Android

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The cutlery and plates are at the bottom of a box somewhere and you’re starving. You’ve finally headed out to the streets in search of a bite to eat but you’re not sure where to go… so why not have some of the best restos in Hong Kong delivered straight to you? Okay, admittedly you’ll be using this amazing door-to-door food delivery service for years to come – we’re huge fans of Deliveroo and definitely use it on a weekly (if not daily) basis. Simply log on and choose from an amazing selection of amazing eats – all at the click of a button!

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Easy Van

Moving is exciting! And if you’re anything like us and obsessed with homeware, you’ve already loaded a ton of pretty decorative items and signature furniture pieces into an online basket – finger at the ready to checkout – so go for it! And if you’ve literally just arrived and yet to find the perfect Hong Kong home, there’s an easy solution to shifting all your purchases and moving boxes. Easy Van (now known as Lalamove) makes moving a cinch. Simply download the app, select your date, time and address and have a van come straight to your door – at really affordable prices!


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Flannel Flowers

Nothing brightens up a home like a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms! And although our flats may be a little on the err… small side, a simple touch like a bouquet of flowers can make all the difference! For quality flowers that last (which is hugely important in Hong Kong’s heat and humidity!), this bespoke company works with the best to bring you gorgeous arrangements and pops of colour that’ll transform your new digs… even amongst the moving chaos! Visit their store, shop Flannel Flowers online for yourself, or gift fellow HK newbies with house-warming arrangements that’ll set the tone.

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Flannel Flowers, Shop 1040B, P1 ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong 2234 7002,; B1 Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2528 1211,

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Garage Society

We know that it can all get complicated when you first arrive, and finding somewhere that won’t have you forking out on cups of coffee for 30 minutes of free WiFi can be tricky. Well, if you’re waiting to start a new job, on the hunt for one, or in need of some work space (that isn’t full of clutter) in the interim, check out one of Hong Kong’s many co-working spaces! We may be playing favourites as it’s the home of Sassy HQ, but Garage Society offers two super-convenient locations and a ton of professional and casual packages tailored to suit your specific needs. Work alongside fellow creatives, meet like-minded entrepreneurs and attend a series of social and career-building workshops!

Garage Society, 19/F, 299 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,

Garage Society, 8/F & 9/F, 33 Des Veux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 3952 7200,

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Soon to be swept up in the exciting, albeit a little exhausting pace of the city, you’ll struggle to find time to get things done! But the beauty of living in such an urban city means that we can get things done, when we need them, all online and in the palm of our hands. In one easy-to-use website, honestbee offers a massive selection of household and grocery products to choose from. Shop to your heart’s content and checkout for a quick delivery at your allocated time and address. Go ahead, enjoy those after-work drinks, girls!

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Hong Kong may be infamous for it’s teeny tiny apartments, but turning a house into a home is, in our opinion, one of the most fun parts about moving! With heaps of trendy and chic homeware and furniture stores dotted around the city, decking out your pad with the latest trends and colour schemes is so easy. A firm fave here at Sassy, iDecorate is constantly watching the trends, importing the most amazing homeware products from around the globe. From beautiful carpets to sophisticated kitchenware and quirky art pieces, you won’t be able to resist this little gem. Plus, if you spend as little as $300, they’ll ship worldwide for free!

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Junks HK

Welcome to junk season! Undoubtedly one of Hong Kong’s most loved weekend adventures, we can’t get enough of junk trips. An amazing way to meet people, head out to one of the many outlying islands and spend the day lazing around in unicorn-shaped floats, eating awesome food and guzzling free-flowing booze! As fabulous as they are, they can also be a little tricky to organise with boats in high demand and dates booked up weeks in advance. But be sure to check out Junks HK a one-stop junk planning platform that’ll have you ticking off your checklist in minutes. From organising the boat to offering up tons of fab catering options and add-ons, it will surely make your first junk a unique affair!

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With so much on offer, sifting through the best of fitness and beauty can be a little overwhelming – especially when you’re keen to get yourself signed up right away! K-Fit is a great way to discover heaps of cool classes, spa treatments and feel-good activities happening each week before committing to one gym or regime in particular. Simply make a reservation and pay using the app or subscribe to monthly fitness memberships and passes at great discounts!

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Love ceramics? Loveramics will spice up your kitchen with a vast selection of cool ceramic collections. Leave the chunky and cracked plates at home and start afresh with cute crockery sets. Start your new life in Honkers by snapping up some of their classic collection that embellishes your new city in heaps of pretty and intricate cultural designs. Looking to meet people or start a new hobby? Loveramics also offer a range of fun crafting workshops where you can let your creative juices flow and add some personal touches to your new pad.

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Loveramics, 79 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,

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MTR Mobile app/My Observatory

There’s an app for everything in Hong Kong – want it and the app store more than likely has it! But the two you’ll find yourself checking religiously has to be MTR Mobile and My Observatory. We’re lucky here that the underground system is fast, reliable and relatively easy to navigate, but planning a journey is made that much easier by being able to plug destinations A and B into a handy app and have all of the info at your fingertips. Same goes for the weather app! From unbearably hot one day to torrential rain the next, HK weather is notoriously unpredictable – it pays to be able to plan your weekend around that impending Black rainstorm warning. And you’ll be glued to the updates when a typhoon day is on the cards!


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Next Chapter

Living in Hong Kong, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself surrounded by some of the most creative and ambitious entrepreneurs and industry professionals in Asia! This city is an amazing place to look for inspiration and embark on a new business venture, but if you’re in need of some extra help, Next Chapter is a great place to start. A rewards-based crowd funding website that caters specifically towards women-owned businesses, you’ll not only be able to raise the funds you need to get off the ground but you’ll also be given the opportunity to create market buzz, validate business ideas and reach out to new customers. Time to turn that dream into a reality, girls…

Keen to kick-start your career? Email and pencil in a professional 1-1 proposal meeting with a member of the Next Chapter team… or click here to learn more!


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Octopus Card

One of the first things you should do when you arrive is head to the nearest MTR station and get yourself an Octopus Card! Yep, our Octopus Cards are a staple in our wallets, allowing us to ‘doot’ on to any public transport, purchase snacks from 7-11 and even pay for the cinema! Still not sure what this is? If you know what an Oyster Card is in London, it’s basically the same as that but with a lot more opportunities to use it. It’s easy to use, efficient and can be easily topped up at any 7-11 or MTR station. There are so many retail spots that you can use your Octopus Card at, you’ll be surprised… you can even use it to park, at hospitals, at theme parks and public pools (see all the places you can use it here). Trust us, you’ll come to love the little ‘doot doot’ in no time!

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One thing you’ll learn quickly when you move to HK is that space is limited. That’s why you have to check out PAKT, a digital wardrobe that allows you to store seasonal, special or bulky items in a safe, air-conditioned and clean environment (giving you much-needed extra space!). With on-demand delivery, dry-cleaning, repairs and pressing all available, you can guarantee your clothes will be looked after. Every item is photographed, so you can browse your goods whenever you want. What’s more, PAKT has partnered with Asia Miles, giving you up to 50,000 miles when you refer a friend (terms and conditions apply) – time to book in those weekend getaways to all the amazing Asian destinations on our doorstep! If, like us, you’re a fashion fiend, PAKT is an absolute MUST when you move to the 852 for an easy, convenient and accessible storage solution.

Extra tip: Need help finding a flat? PAKT founder Barbara Yu Larsson recommends Connect, a boutique relocation agency run by experienced expats who not only find beautiful flats, but also help you get accustomed to life in Hong Kong.

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Looking for your favourite health products? It can definitely be a struggle here in Hong Kong. Luckily we have, an online store focusing on health and wellness products that are high quality, toxin-free and fairly priced. With tons of products that have been carefully sourced based on their limited impact to the environment and high impact on your health, this is our go-to online platform for all things healthy and nutritious. Don’t expect just another health store though – with a team of experts who’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, is dedicated to providing genuinely healthy products (not those “not-too-healthy-healthy-products”!) and will tell it how it is. There are no marketing gimmicks here, just real, innovative products that are delicious and good for you! Check it out and continue to live that healthy lifestyle in an easy and affordable way.

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As we’ve mentioned before, space is a premium in Hong Kong so get ready to streamline what you own! We’re always looking out for awesome storage solutions, so we were excited to discover Rent-A-Suitcase. You may not have thought of it before, but suitcases are seriously bulky and take up loads of precious room at home. They’re basically a pain to store in Hong Kong, so Rent-A-Suitcase if the perfect solution! Ditch your suitcase and just rent one from this handy service to save time, space and money. And it’s not just suitcases you can rent, Rent-A-Suitcase also has a variety of travel items and accessories that you can rent for that upcoming camping trip. They even have cameras, GoPros (only $75 a day!) and WiFi devices if you’re going on an epic trip that you simply have to document!

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Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, let alone moving to a new country, and you need all the help you can get! Enter Spothelp, an on-demand personal concierge service that can literally help you out with anything. Using WhatsApp or Facebook, you can simply message Spothelp with a request and the virtual assistants or ‘Task Heroes’ will help you as best they can! The Task Heroes are expert locals who can help you out with everything from reservations, sourcing products or services, travel bookings and more. If you urgently need a handy man, moving van or forgot to pick up your dry-cleaned suit for the first day of work, give them a WhatsApp and they’re your best bet for saving the day! It’s free to chat to them and when you order something they’ll let you know the total bill which you can pay via PayPal. Easy peasy.

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Travel with Flight Centre

One of the best things about living in the in the convenient travel hub of Hong Kong is our accessibility to some of the most incredible places in Asia. Team that with 18 public holidays over a year, and we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to weekend getaways! Make travel a priority when you move to Hong Kong and hit up Flight Centre, our go-to consultants for all the best travel steals and deals at unbeatable prices. Seriously, they have the lowest airfare guaranteed and unlike regular travel agents, the service is stellar and they are experts in travel the world over. It’s not just flights they can sort out for you, they also have specialists in Luxury if you’re looking to splash out, as well as Active Travel (tick a marathon of your bucket list!) and Wellness Travel, for those that need some balance to the work hard, play hard lifestyle of HK. Sourcing the best of the best for accommodation, the multi-lingual team at Flight Centre can also offer handy tips and insider advice for your chosen destination. It’s a no-brainer to contact Flight Centre when you’re planning your next holiday!

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No doubt you’ve heard of Uber, a transport network that’s available in cities all over the world. Recently introduced to Hong Kong, we have to say that we’ve found Uber helpful on occasions when our usual taxis are nowhere to be seen! It’s relatively reliable (especially if you’re in a rush) and sometimes you end up scoring a fancy Tesla so you can cruise around in style. Just watch out for the ‘surges’ which end up charging you far more than a taxi would cost.

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Viator Travel

New in town and want to get to know the city? Check out Viator Travel, one of the biggest travel experience services in the world. They offer a huge variety of tours and trips all over the world and you can find some pretty interesting ones right here in Hong Kong! Try out a Hong Kong Sunset Cruise plus dinner at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, splash out on a once-in-a-lifetime Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Hong Kong, or tantalise your tastebuds on a small group Hong Kong Island Food Tour. It’s a great way to really get out there, try something different and explore the different areas and offerings of Hong Kong.

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Wild Hong Kong

Believe it or not, Hong Kong is more than crowded streets and towering skyscrapers. In fact, over three quarters of the territory of Hong Kong is countryside, so it’s safe to say that there’s plenty to explore beyond the city. Want to see this side of Hong Kong, but don’t know where to start? Check out Wild Hong Kong, a premier adventure and eco tour company. Book a tour with Rory to discover the beauty of Hong Kong’s nature. He offers hiking tours, cycling tours and kayaking tours, all for varying abilities and at various prices. Start off easy with the scenic Dragon’s Back hike, or indulge your adventurous side and explore the Geopark by water. Check out our full review of Wild Hong Kong here and enjoy the Great Outdoors!

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Keen to keep up your fitness levels after the hectic move? Look no further than XYZ, our go-to spot for one of the best spin classes in Hong Kong. The super cool ‘cave-like’ studio is the perfect place to escape the stresses of work and the bustling city… you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a different world! The instructors are so motivating and the classes are dynamic and, dare we say it, fun! Not only will you burn those calories and keep up that cardio, but you might even enjoy doing it! Sweat it out in an efficient way at this conveniently located spot.

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We’ve raved about YEECHOO plenty of times on Sassy, and we can’t thank founders Abby and Shan Shan enough for saving us when it comes to fancy events! YEECHOO is a designer dress and accessories rental service based in Hong Kong that makes finding the perfect outfit oh-so easy. Choose from a selection of gorgeous gowns from some of the top designers in the world and rent out your chosen garment for that extra special party or birthday brunch! The website is so easy to use and it saves having to splash out a dress that you’ll only wear once or twice. The new ‘infinity’ service that’s just launched is perfect if you’re always in need of new outfits but want the ease and accessibility of finding them – you pay a certain amount per month and can rent out whatever you need!

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Shopping can be an overwhelming task in HK and if you’re a serial online shopper, don’t forget to check out Zalora. As one of Asia’s best online shopping destinations, Zalora has you covered when it comes to new threads and accessories. You can find favourite Sassy brands such as Mango, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Michael Kors and Daniel Wellington along with many others, so there’s plenty of choice for all you fashionistas! With 30 day free returns, free delivery above $200 (HKD!) and even the option to pay cash on delivery, Zalora is definitely worth checking out if you want to easily sort out your next shopping spree from the comfort of your own home.

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Sassy Perk!

We hope our A-Z Guide has been a little extra help for all you newbies! And that’s not all, as we’ve also got a special Sassy deal with GoGet, a marketplace specialising in errands and deliveries for you too. Sassy readers can get free delivery on special deals from local Hong Kong companies that we love such as:

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