22 June, 2017
Bachelor Recap Sean and Gigi
Bachelor Recap Sean and Gigi

That Bachelor: The Dish on the Date with Sean and Gigi

22 June, 2017
Bachelor Recap Sean and Gigi

From first impressions to chatting about second dates, here’s the he said, she said recap on their first date!


If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for your friends to spill the deets on that first date they just went on. No, really, we’re literally sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn excited to over-analyse every minute with you. Well, that’s exactly how we felt waiting to hear about Sassy’s first That Bachelor, Sean Whipkey, and survey winner, Gigi, to get back to us about their first date at the fabulous La Paloma! Here’s what Sassy’s Meg Widmer was able to find out…

Bachelor Recap Sean and Gigi

Let’s chat first impressions. What did you think of each other?

Sean: Gigi was very cool and relaxed, and our conversations started off great. It was impressive, especially given the somewhat awkward scenario in which we met!

Gigi: I think Sean seemed a little nervous at first, which I found sweet. But, he was really funny and outgoing in conversations. Pictures definitely don’t do him justice!

Did you feel like you have much in common?

Sean: We do have a lot in common, [and] we chatted a lot about our love for the outdoors and the ocean.

Gigi: Yes, we have quite a few things in common! We both love the outdoors, water sports, wakeboarding, etc. And it turns out we have a friend in common as well.

Was there anything you were surprised to learn about the other person?

Sean: I was surprised to learn she was a twin, so it was interesting to hear a bit about her family.

Gigi: He knows Bali really well, [and] has been there several times. So we were chatting about that a lot since I’m currently planning a trip there. Also, he has been to where I work which was also interesting.

Bachelor Recap Sean and Gigi

In general, how did your date go?

Sean: I had a great time! Like I said, Gigi is really cool and we had a ton of fun together.

GigiOverall, it went really well! The conversation was flowing, and we had some great banter here and there. It was a lot of fun!

Has there been, or will there be another date?

Sean: Yes and yes.

Gigi: Yes, we’ve been out together again.

Would you recommend La Paloma as a good date spot?

Sean: It was my first time at La Paloma and I was really impressed! The bartender made great gin and tonics, and the short rib was incredible! Would definitely recommend as a good date spot!

Gigi: Yes, La Paloma was amazing! The food and drinks are awesome and it has a fantastic set up! It was a great spot for a date with a fun deco environment. I especially loved the Ceviche de Lubina.

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Sassy would like to thank La Paloma for its generous hospitality and excellent service.  

 La Paloma, 1/F, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

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