21 September, 2015

Time to take a hike: Top 5 Hiking Trips Across Asia

21 September, 2015

Trek around the world on a hiking holiday!

Hiking is a great way to spend your holiday and Asia is home to some spectacular hiking trails. In addition to being great for stress relief, a hiking holiday also comes with great views, fresh air, the sounds and smells of nature, and the opportunity to experience something new. Whether alone or in a group, it’s the ideal way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Even better, you can tailor your hike to be as relaxing or intense as you like and you can even combine it with animal observation, fishing or cave exploration… go on, let out that adventurous side! We asked the crew at KAYAK to put together a list of the Top 5 Hikes not to be missed in Asia.

A long elevated walkway high up in the canopy of the rainforest in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia.

Explore Taman Negara Park in Malaysia

Taman Negara is one of the most famous destinations for hikers and nature lovers in Malaysia. Covering an area of 4,343km it’s one of the world’s oldest rain-forests at over 130 million years old! If you have a taste for adventure, there is an underground cave system to be explored, canopy walkways and rapids. The tropical jungle is home to rare animals such as the Malayan tiger, the crab-eating macaque and the Sumatran rhinoceros as well as over 100 species of butterflies. Bird-watchers will have the challenge to see how many different species of birds they can spot of the 380 that call the jungle their home. The jungle offers hikers a rich diversity of activities and encounters with nature, so your hiking expedition is sure to be packed with adventure.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpar $1,000
Where to stay: Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur from $800

Karst limestone Tham Kong Lo cave, Laos

Hiking and Caving in Khammouane, Laos

Traversed by the Mekong River, Laos is known for many beautiful attractions including French colonial architecture, breathtaking mountains, flora and fauna and Buddhist monasteries. The area of Khammouane is one of the most popular places to hike, through thick forest and against a backdrop of towering mountains and limestone forests. Holidayers seeking an adventure should take a trek through the Them Nong Pasuem Cave. The cave is around 400 metres long and visitors can see up close a stunning collection of stalagmites and stalactites. After a swim in the Them Nong Pasuem cave, the next stop should be the Buddha Cave. Rediscovered in 2004, the cave contains 229 bronze Buddha sculptures which are said to be over 300 years old.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Vientiane $2,600
Where to stayGreen Park Boutique Hotel from $1,300

KAYAK - Hike - Borneo

See the Sights in Mount Kinbalu, Borneo

Nature enthusiasts will love a trek in Mount Kinbalu, located on the island of Borneo. Most famous for its huge diversity of botanical and biological species, Mount Kinbalu is located in renowned World Heritage Site – the Kinabula Park. With an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 plant species, it is one of the world’s most important biological sites. The park is also home to 326 species of birds and over 100 mammalian species. Here hikers have the choice of two different summits; the Summit trail and the Mesliau trail.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Kuching Airport $2,100
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KAYAK - Hike - Lombok

Volcano Hikes at Mountain Rinjani, Lombok

Ever wondered what it would be like to hike over a volcano? Tick this one off your bucket list in Lombok, and take a hike over the Mountain Rinjani, an active volcano on this Indonesian island! Rinjani is Indonesia’s second highest volcano and a hike to the top will take visitors to the Crater Lake of Segera Anak. The volcano is revered as a sacred place for the people in Lombok, making the lake a destination for thousands of pilgrims who place offerings at the water’s edge. The island has many treks that accommodate all kinds of hikers and levels of fitness, including a wildflower walk; start the trek from Senerau, which takes hikers to the Segera Anak Lake (the volcano crater) and through the hot springs and caves.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Mataram $2,400
Where to stay: Puri Bunga Beach Cottages from $263

KAYAK - Hike - Japan

Experience Nikko, Japan

Though people often travel to Japan to get a taste of the frenetic city hub of Tokyo or to experience traditional tea ceremonies, Japan cannot be forgotten as a paradise for hikers, with its vast mountainous terrain. The best place to start a hiking adventure in Japan is Nikko National Park. In addition to a huge variety of scenic and mountainous landscapes to explore, the Nikko National Park offers lakes, waterfalls, and hot springs for visitors to experience.  The best time of the year to visit this nature paradise is Autumn to experience koyo; the Japanese word for the phenomenon of the changing colours of deciduous trees during Autumn, best seen from mid to late October until the first half of November.

How to get there: Return flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo $5,400
Where to stay: Nikko Hoshinoyado from $3,690


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