12 January, 2018
Quick Meditation Tips That You Can Actually Use
Quick Meditation Tips That You Can Actually Use
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Quick Meditation Tips That You Can Actually Use

12 January, 2018
Quick Meditation Tips That You Can Actually Use

If you have no idea where to begin…


Meditation doesn’t come easy to everyone (myself included) and for all of its health benefits, we aren’t always sure of how we’re supposed to start – apparently it’s not all guttural chanting and lotus positions! Meditation can be done anywhere, there are no hard and fast rules that restricts you to signing up to singing bowl classes, when you can get literally your ‘ohm’ on in bed, on the bus or in the bathroom at work. We spoke with Coco Chan of Wellness Warriors for a little insight on how to get started, and her top tips for techniques that you can use day-to-day.

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Quick Meditation Tips That You Can Actually Use

When you’re in a rush…

Be in the moment,” urges Coco. Our lives are such a blur of deadlines, meetings and social commitments that we forget to be present and enjoy each day. “Put your phone away and on silent. Focus on your breath, notice how your chest rises and fall with each breath. Notice your surroundings,” she continues. The aim of mindfulness is not quieting the mind, or attempting to achieve a state of eternal calm, the goal when you’re in a rush is simple: just aim to pay attention.

There is no set time that you should be meditating either, it’s all down to personal preference. “You can do it in the morning when you wake up, while you’re walking to work, in between meetings or in the evening in the comfort of your home,” says Coco. “I personally like to meditate in the morning to achieve clarity and to prepare myself for the day ahead. I also have an evening meditation practice to unwind and calm myself so I can easily slide into snooze mode.”

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When you’re feeling stressed…

We all have moments where we just need to walk away and take a moment to regroup.

“Find a quiet corner. Focus on your breath. Take three deep inhales and exhales. Apply two fingers on your pulse point. Focus on your pulse and allow it to slow down as you prolong your breath as your inhale and exhale. Repeat for two to three minutes and feel yourself ease into calmness.”

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Quick Meditations Tips That You Can Actually Use

When you’re distracted…

When aren’t we distracted?! In this day and age of technology, we’re glued to our phones, constantly watching Instagram stories, checking our Whatsapp messages and refreshing our emails. “The easiest way to avoid distractions is time blocking and putting your phone on silent,” advises Coco. “Allow yourself to be in the moment while you’re handling your to do list. Close down all unnecessary internet search tabs, chats, pages and be fully present with your task at hand.” It’s okay to  allow yourself a five minute break in between tasks to check emails, messages and reply to people, but try not to let your phone dictate your time.

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Okay, but why should we meditate?

According to Coco and practitioners around the globe, “meditation has been linked to increased focus, memory, energy levels and reduces stress.” Studies even show “that mindfulness practices regulates our mood and anxiety disorders. Therefore, those who are affected by emotional issues can highly benefit from meditation. Training the mind to be calm and positive has its long term effects in raising overall well-being.” If you’re keen to delve deeper, there are several meditation apps available on your phone that can help to introduce you to meditation ,too. “I use Calm when I prefer a guided meditation session,” says Coco, however “Headspace” is also a great introductory tool that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

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