5 January, 2016

Diamonds are Forever – A New, Luxurious Facial at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

5 January, 2016

My skin has always been a little unpredictable – hello blemishes before that really important event – and with an endless and unfulfilled promise to “start eating healthy from Monday”, it didn’t stand a chance against the changing weather and influx of office mince pie deliveries. So, in a bid to prep myself for 2016 and actually look after myself properly this year, I recently indulged in a luxurious Diamonds Are Forever facial at the Four Seasons Hotel – and let me tell you, it really is about to become your best friend.

Although the daily grind may be great for a healthy bank account (especially after all of that Christmas splurging), work life in the 852 can be exhausting. With little to no time for a beauty regime, I felt like I really had struck gold (or diamonds) when I was whisked into my own little serene treatment room overlooking one of the most sought out views in the world. Stress lines, pigmentation, and two years worth of pollution were banished in just 120, decadent minutes.


Following an initial consultation with an experienced and super-friendly beauty therapist, I lay down and quite honestly was so relaxed and at ease that I spent the entire facial drifting in and out of sleep. But not before experiencing a cream cleansing and the Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion which gently resurfaced my skin, revealing the soft, clean and brand new layers beneath. Truthfully I hadn’t heard of the treatment before and was a little taken a back by the sucking sensation which followed, however it was entirely painless and was extremely satisfying knowing that all of the dirt was literally being hoovered out of my pores.

My face was then cleansed, rubbed and extracted with great care as the spa’s signature Carol Joy products worked their magic, all embedded with a rich formula of the purest ingredients – think refined golden millet oil, triple-action collagen and caviar algae. Packed with heaps of nutrients specially designed to regenerate the epidermis and deeply hydrate cells, it really did feel as if someone had waved a wand over my skin.

After enjoying a Myo Col Lifting massage, a Caviar Boosting Mask and being spoilt with a Diamond Forevermore Serum, I was extremely reluctant to call it a day when the therapist gently brought me back down to earth. Despite waking pie-eyed and totally make-up free I was astounded by the immediate results. The discolouration in my skin had noticeably faded and my skin was fresh, taut and dare I say it… healthy!

The quality of the Carol Joy range is amazing and it’s safe to say that I’ve been a regular convert to their daily moisturiser and cleansing cream since sampling their products. The rare ingredients and ingenious formula used works wonders, and they’re exclusively used at the Four Seasons spa. This facial will have you strutting your stuff through January with confidence – all you need is a little time to treat yourself – go on, you deserve diamonds after all.

Between Monday to Thursday, a 60 minute Diamonds Are Forever facial will cost $1,600, 90 minutes will cost #2,500 and $3,000 for 120 minutes (including your choice of infrared therapy or back massage). Prices vary between Friday – Sunday. 



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