27 July, 2011
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Fiji Fitness: A Healthy Dose of Paradise

27 July, 2011
When I signed up for a personal training session with Joe Nabou, founder of Fiji Fitness, I didn’t give much thought to the company’s name. Fiji? My mind conjured up gentle breezes, waterfalls and drinks that come in pineapples. Obviously I had heard of Fiji (who could not in the current race to capture the most expensive water in a plastic bottle?). Packaged to look like the Asian version of Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth, Fiji water is happily sold by my equally high-priced yoga shala. I was ready for a gentle workout – maybe we would use flower leis as some kind of sweet-smelling arm bands…?

Suffice it to say this stuck-to-her-mat yogi should have done her homework. Yes, Fiji is what I described, but it is also the birthplace of some of the world’s most talented rugby players – Joe being part of this elite group. My OHM quickly went to an MMMM…. OH? Joe put me through my paces – always with encouragement, and with attention paid to places where I may have been a bit weaker (my lower back). In addition, as I had booked my session at dusk and there were intermittent showers, Joe and I were not alone for the hour – a buzzing cloud of mosquitoes decided to join in the exercise fun! Joe was ready for them as well, with mozzie spray and a towel that I originally thought was meant to cool me (a-la Cleopatra) but actually worked double-duty by keeping me from being that evening’s snack of choice for the pesky critters!

I could have easily been convinced to call it a day as the rain continued, but Joe stayed positive – and gave me a challenge that I do not get in a yoga studio employing nothing more than his voice and some cones. No gadgets or machines, just my body. Perfect for working out anywhere! Home, the beach or a park (my locale for our hour of happy grimaces). As we continued chatting (during the occasional breaks Joe allowed me) I learned that one of the best parts of Fiji Fitness is the ability to share the workout – and BONUS – share the cost! A one hour session can be as little as $150HKD (if you grab three friends). Private personal training sessions are priced at HK600.

As the session closed, it occurred to me that my commitment to yoga does not have to my singular exercise du jour. My grandmother always encouraged, “Everything in moderation! Variety”. Fiji Fitness proved to be just that. I will definitely be back for more (although I am dreaming that my next session will be in Fiji).

Fiji Fitness are offering Free Trial Sessions to Sassy girls – just email [email protected] or call 6207 3043 for further info. Fiji Fitness now have 7 personal trainers based all over Hong Kong, including Lantau.

Twangoo Deal: For a limited time you can buy 6 Personal Fitness Training Sessions for $299 (original price $1,500). Click here to buy the deal!


Born in Miami, FL, Tracie headed north for college and did not look back. After slogging it out for 16 years as a quintessential Type A, ENTJ, marathon-running Wall Streeter, Tracie finally took a long, deep breath. That gasp turned into the first of many OHMs and eventually a yoga-license. During this quest, she visited nearly 40 countries; trying the best, the newest and the oddest paths to physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Finally illuminated (not yet enlightened) she realized that, despite all she had been told, New York was not the epicenter of the world. Now, Tracie is two months new to Hong Kong, and with Sassy is exploring the city inside the gym, in the great outdoors and on hilltops. In a journey to feed both her curiosity about the financial markets and her new-found realization that not EVERYONE owns a treadmill, Tracie will document her search for the key to balance in a fast-paced, diverse and fun city.

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