The Best Cookies in Hong Kong

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A favourite haunt of ours to pick up everything from freshly baked sourdough, to egg tarts, croissants and more, Bakehouse also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cookies. With two options available, we love the rich and delicious almost brownie-like double chocolate chip cookie, but you can also opt for the simple and sweet oatmeal raisin (and kid yourself that you’re being healthy). And at less than $20, this gourmet offering is hard to beat.

Price: $18

Bakehouse, 14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong,

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Just like its other baked goods, Commissary delivers when it comes to this American classic. If you’re stopping by here for brunch, it’s hard to resist the lure of the tempting bakery cabinet, and we can never resist picking up a cookie for the road. Fresh out the oven, these babies are huge (literally almost the size of our head), so are sure to leave you satisfied. Opt for the classic chocolate chip, oat and raisin, or go all out with the everything.

Price: $18

Commissary, Shop 405, 4/F Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong,

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Eric Kayser

The cookies at Eric Kayser are crunchy and crammed full of chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts, with the choice of milk, white or dark chocolate variations available. Chunky and thick, with the nuts giving a great depth of flavour, these cookies are crunchy on the outside and soft and cakey in the middle (and they certainly don’t scrimp on the chocolate). We recommend enjoying with a cup of hot coffee.

Price: $25 (or $20 as part of a drinks set)

Eric Kayser, various locations across Hong Kong,

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Tucked away on Peel Street, this Aussie coffee shop also offers up baked goods. We rate its avo toast as one of the best in the city, but if you’re after a sweeter offering, their chocolate chip cookie is also hard to beat. The price tag is a little high, but we love the chunky dark chocolate chips and subtle sprinkling of salt.

Price: $30

Fineprint, 38 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong,

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Homie Cookies

With delicious flavours such as dark chocolate and salted caramel, s’mores and Maltesers, Homie Cookies are more than tempting. You can find them in Elephant Grounds, or you can also order online. 

Price: $25

Homie Cookies,
Elephant Grounds, various locations across Hong Kong,

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Marks and Spencer

If you’re running about the city, we won’t judge you for calling into M&S for a sugar hit. Head to the bakery section of your local store to pick up a treat, with triple chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate offerings all available. Some find these a little sweet (especially the milk and white chocolate versions), but if that’s what you’re craving, it does the job!

Sassy tip: If you want a real bargain, head to your local M&S after 5pm – many items are often reduced around this time, including what’s left of the day’s baked goods!

Price: $12

Marks and Spencer, various locations across Hong Kong,

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Mrs. Fields Cookies

A Hong Kong classic, Mrs. Fields may not be the very best in town, but the smell sure is hard to resist when it wafts through MTR stations. These soft cookies lack a little of the chew and crunch that we’re after, but they’re still a good on-the-go option.

Price: $15

Mrs. Fields Cookies, various locations across Hong Kong,

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Much like M&S, Pret always delivers when we’re in a rush, and with locations popping up all over the city, you’ll never have to travel too far for a freshly baked cookie. Go for the chunky white or milk chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or look out for its seasonal offerings too (it’s currently got a tempting cranberry and white chocolate). The cookies are pleasantly crisp, but we’d like a little more chew in the middle. We can’t complain about the generous amount of chocolate chips though (and the $7 price tag!), and we loved that when we tucked into our cookie, it was still slightly warm and the chocolate a bit melty.

Price: $7

Pret, various locations across Hong Kong,

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