Aloha: Modern Poke in Quarry Bay

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Tuna - Shoyu, Onion

A bowl filled with fresh tuna, shoyu green onions, cucumber and crispy nori.

How much: $80

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Salmon - Gochujang

A spicy salmon number topped with cooling cucumber and sprinkled with crispy nori.

How much: $85

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Veggie - Tofu

A delicious veggie option combining tofu, Goma Ponzu and shiso guacamole – a welcome addition to any bowl!

How much: $80

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Salmon - Yuzu Miso

Salmon covered in a tangy yuzu miso marinade and topped with crispy shallots and avocado slices.

How much: $85

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Yellowtail - Pickled Wasabi

Fresh yellowtail tossed in kewpie and furikake and topped with pickled wasabi – a refreshing bite!

How much: $90

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