The Landmark

The Landmark is home to Hong Kong’s most premier shopping destinations and is something of a Sassy sanctuary. With more than a handful of our favourite stores like Charlotte Olympia, Rigby and Peller and more, you’ll be sure to find something worthy of a double-take.

You probably know how much we love Pinterest judging from our avid pinning addiction here, which is why The Landmark’s gift registry format had us all itching to click on everything. The incredible selection covers all the brands in the luxury shopping haven and even offers a wedding list option, so that the bride and groom can keep their wedding groceries list for the nuptials organized. The site’s a little misleading in the sense that you can’t actually purchase anything on the online registry site, your guests will still have to go to the boutique and buy the gift in person which is a bit of an issue for overseas guests.


The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong
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