Beauté Make Up

Your wedding day is probably the closest you’re going to get to being chased by paparazzi and you want to make sure your make-up is camera ready! Beauté Make-Up, a company that also dabbles in wedding image consultations and hair styling, is a studio that can help you realise your vision perfectly. Whether you want to dabble in classic Hollywood, modern chic or contemporary make-up, Beauté Make-Up is always on-trend and on-brief. Definitely peep their Facebook page where you can take a look at their clients on their wedding day! We’ve heard from a source that Bart Ko’s the man to go to if you want to look flawless, so drop him a line at Beauté Make-Up’s studio and let him know we love him here at Sassy.

Services range between $3800-13,500.


79-85 Bonham Strand East, Room 2002 Bonham Centre, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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