Amaranthine Blooms

At some point we have all bought lovely flowers to only forget to water them and to find them withering away on the window sill. Amaranthine Blooms specialises in gorgeous artificial flowers that will fool anyone into thinking that they’re the real thing. Since seasonality need not be a concern for this floral company, you’ll find an amazing breadth of choices online. There are roses, tulips, hydrangeas, berries, lilies, peonies and orchids in any colour you could wish for and there are loads of size options too, from small gifts and single stem options to giant and luxurious bouquets. If you’re planning a big event like a party or wedding, Amaranthine Blooms also creates special designs so be sure to get in contact with them if you want to impress guests with lifelike imitation flowers. Worldwide shipping is also available!


Unit 7E, HK Chai Wan Industrial Building, 26 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
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