10 September, 2012
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Burgers & Grand Cru at the MO Bar – the perfect pairing

10 September, 2012

You know those days when absolutely everything and everyone seems to be conspiring against you? Your alarm doesn’t go off, there’s not enough milk for your cornflakes, a person five metres up the road from you nabs the only free taxi on Robinson Road, work crisis after work crisis has you tearing your hair out at your desk so that you don’t even have time to grab a sandwich at lunch… It gets to 6pm and you’re ready to curl up in a ball and cry.

But us Sassy girls are made of sterner stuff than that! We know there has to be a more constructive way to turn the day around. There’s the tried and tested retail therapy option, the never fails sweat it out at the gym option and if all else fails, you can’t beat a post-work glass of wine. But how about if that fine wine came with a lip-smackingly delicious Wagyu beef burger and some French fries? Suddenly we’re heading into ‘pretty awesome day after all’ territory… and then how about we throw in a super hip luxe setting where you can snuggle into a plush armchair people-watching (i.e. ogle hot men in suits and gossip about how much surgery the tai tais in the corner have had)?

Well in that case, MO Bar to the rescue (where Sassy previously enjoyed a decadent lobster brunch, lest we forget)! The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s slinky cocktail bar has just launched a special menu which pairs Bordeaux or Burgundy Grand Cru wine with its award-winning Wagyu Beef Burger.

Having had a particularly trying Monday, I headed down to try out the new menu. Arriving just before 7pm, I was amazed at how busy the bar was. The atmosphere had much more of a Friday night buzz, which instantly lifted my mood. Settling into a cosy corner booth, within minutes a waitress was attentively proffering a menu together with a bowl of nuts and olives to nibble on while I deliberated between the traditional or teriyaki style burger. Incapable of choosing, I decided that the safest option was to order both and go halves with my friend to avoid food envy!

As we placed our order, head sommelier, John Chan, appeared at our table to help us to select our wine. John has painstakingly sourced some of the finest Grand Cru wines to pair with your burger and will skillfully guide you through your choices. I opted for a glass of the Burgundy and although I’m by no means a wine expert, this was delicious – rich and fruity, just what I needed after a hard day.

And then the burgers arrived. First up, the traditional – a Wagyu beef burger on a seeded bun served with crisp lettuce, tomato, crunchy chili pickle and tangy red onion relish. This was a huge juicy punch of a burger that left me wishing I didn’t have to share it with my friend! But that soon changed when I tucked into my half of the teriyaki burger. Here, your Wagyu burger is served teriyaki glazed with pickled kyuri cucumber and onion tempura – spicy yet sweet with an oriental twist. I genuinely couldn’t choose a favourite.

Oh and did I mention this little slice of day-making indulgence will set you back just $388? That’s about what you’d usually pay for the glass of Grand Cru alone, so your supper is basically free – bargain!

So next time you get caught in a T3 without an umbrella or get shouted at by your boss for your excessive Daily Mail Online habit, come 6pm, I’ll see you in MO Bar and let’s go halves on both burgers…

The Burger & Wagyu Beef Burger Pairing is available from Monday to Sunday after 6pm and costs $388 (plus 10% service charge).

MO Bar G/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 15 Queen’s Road, Central
2132 0077 www.mandarinoriental.com/landmark/dining

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