15 December, 2017

Curious About Eyelash Extensions? Here’s Why You Should Book a Service at browhaus

15 December, 2017

Lash in Bloom


Dripping foundation. Leaking liquid liner. Smudged mascara. Wearing makeup in Hong Kong is a daily struggle, and it’s only now that the weather has gotten cooler can we breathe easy knowing that we’ll make it to the office without looking like a panda. And as we’re right in the middle of party season, we’re welcoming ways that make it easy for us to get ready (and hopefully take these tips right through to the New Year!). The only concept store in Hong Kong to specialise in brow and lash grooming services, browhaus offers high-quality treatments that we can’t wait to book in for again and again.

We’re no strangers to its extensive brow menu, so we jumped at the chance to test drive its new Lash in Bloom eyelash services and see for ourselves why women across Hong Kong are addicted to extensions. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to browhaus’ lashes either, which for those of us who struggle to find lashes that fit properly, is such a relief. The expert beauty technicians at browhaus work with you to individually select a look that suits your face shape, is tailored to your preference, and that looks natural. Curious to see how we got on? Keep reading to see why you need to jump on the browhaus bandwagon, and why natural lashes are in…

Name: Mashal
Beauty treatment: Cluster Extensions ($500)
How I found the process: It was my first time getting eyelash extensions so I wasn’t sure what to expect! I was able to choose from different options in terms of the length and thickness of the eyelashes, and ended up selecting a style that was natural. The beauty technician was gentle and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the treatment, which took around two hours to complete. I woke up (okay, I may have had a nap) to an entirely new look – kudos to browhaus, this job definitely requires a lot of patience, effort, attention and delicacy.
The result: I was really satisfied with the way they turned out; my lashes look natural but enhanced. I love the extra volume and curl. Let’s just say, the compliments are flooding in!

Name: Beatrice
Beauty treatment: Cluster Extensions ($500)
How I found the process: The total process was over before I knew it (about 1.5 hours, and MAY have fallen asleep), was completely painless and definitely relaxing. Opening my eyes to see my new full lashes, I loved the final look and how each individual lash was tailor-suited to my specific eye shape and beauty needs. It’s two-week top up service meant that I could go back to browhaus to touch up my lashes and ensure that they remained looking as great as when I first had them done!
The result: Hop-out-0f-bed-ready-for-the-day-lashes!

Name: Elle
Beauty treatment: Strand by Strand Extensions ($820)
How I found the process: I was a little worried about the process having only tried out DIY stick on lashes from the drugstore, applying them with my heavy hands. Yet I was pleasantly surprised at how painless the whole process was and I could barely feel the therapist touching my lashes! The process takes around two hours, and I thought it would be difficult to remain in the same position completely still for this amount of time. However, with your eyes closed and the super comfy reclining chairs at browhaus, it’s the perfect time for a little snooze!
The result:
I usually wear mascara every single day, and now my lashes look so full and voluminous that I haven’t even thought once about reaching for my mascara since they were applied. As I go to the gym/yoga quite frequently, I also love that the result is bold but natural enough that it’s not so obvious they’re false lashes, and I don’t have to worry about mascara running down my face!

sassy perk

browhaus is treating us Sassy girls to 20% off its treatments from now through to Wednesday, 31 January. 2018! Simply use the code “Sassy Christmas” upon booking online, or in-store.

If you have a special occasion coming up (ie. Christmas!), browhaus’ sister company, STRIP is hosting a pampering package that treats us to free-flow prosecco, luxurious mani-pedis and soothing massages. Available to book at $780 per person (35% off the regular price!) this beauty bargain is the ultimate festive treat.



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