6 December, 2017

What You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup

6 December, 2017

Semi-permanent beauty treatments by Princessbrows

Princessbrows is stopping smudged makeup in its tracks with its semi-permanent makeup treatments this season, and it’s seriously stepping up our beauty game and cutting down the time it takes to get ready. Not sure what to expect? Read on…

What is it?


The procedure is pretty simple – using a nano-needle and pigment shipped in from Germany, this cosmetic produce is used to give the illusion of fuller and shapelier brows. A tiny tool cuts microscopic hair-like strokes into brows, creating a 3D effect that can last up to two years (depending on how well you care for them!). Don’t let the ‘blade’ put you off, the treatment takes just 60-90 minutes and is almost pain-free. Princessbrows will work with you throughout the entire process, shaping and mapping out your dream brows to ensure that you’re completely happy with how it looks before starting the procedure.

Suitable for: Normal – dry skin
Lasts for: One – two years
Healing time: One week

What You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup

Ombre Shading

Similar to Microblading, Ombre Shading also uses a nano-needle to add shape and fullness to your brows, but instead creates a much softer, powdery look. Perfect for those who prefer a subtler brow.

Suitable for: Normal – dry skin
Lasts for: One – two years
Healing time: One week

Combined Technique

As the name suggests, the combined techniques takes elements from both the microblading and ombre procedures to create soft yet luminous brows. 3D-style hair strokes are combined with a gradient powder effect that’s suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for: All skin types
Lasts for: One – two years
Healing time: One week


We’re constantly on the go in Hong Kong, working well beyond the usual nine to five… and it shows. Concealer is our best friend, working hard to cover up tired skin and dark eyes, but we had no idea that there was an option that meant we wouldn’t have to religiously re-apply our makeup. Permanent Concealer is a method that Princessbrows has developed, placing pigment underneath the first layer of skin, that’s not visible to the eye. The pigment works to correct any dark areas by evening out the vessels beneath the skin, while also smoothing fine wrinkles (win-win!). The best part? The treatment can last up to three years!

Suitable for: All skin types and anyone battling dark under eye circles!
Lasts for: Up to three years
Healing time: Three days

How much is it?

Brow treatment: $6,800 (Beauty Director), $4,000 (Elite Artist) inclusive of a complimentary touch up session.

Concealer treatment: $15,000 for two sessions, however not everyone will need a touch up treatment, so individual sessions cost $8,000.

The Aftercare

Healing time is surprisingly quick! All brow procedures heal within a week, with minimal peeling in between. In that first week, try to avoid sweating excessively (the excuse you need to skip the gym this week!) and directly soaking the area with water (it’s too chilly to go swimming anyway!). The area may be slightly swollen and begin to flake and peel with a day or two, but this is entirely normal and a part of the healing process, revealing beautiful brows.

Daily care tips:

– Keep your brows dry for the first 48 hours, applying a healing balm up to three times a day from day three.
– Use a gentle facial cleanser to freshen your skin during the first week, try to avoid roughly washing your face.
– If the area does get wet, gently pat the area dry using a clean tissue or cotton pad.
-The area may feel a little itchy, but avoid picking or rubbing as the pigment may heal unevenly

The Result

If you’re yet to master the art of Instagram-worthy brows, or honestly, just in a pinch for time (aren’t we all!), semi-permanent makeup is a splurge that’s well worth the financial commitment. Princessbrows’ experienced and professional team is on hand to ensure that you’re happy every step of the way and always available to talk to if you have any concerns or reservations about any of the procedures.

sassy perk

Princessbrows is treating Sassy girls to half-priced concealer treatments, dropping the cost to $7,500 for two sessions and just $4,000 for one, when quoting “SASSY” upon booking!

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