2 October, 2018
Oneness salon and spa in Central Hk
Oneness salon and spa in Central Hk

Oneness: Expect Mindful Pampering at this Wellness-Focused Beauty Bar

2 October, 2018
Oneness salon and spa in Central Hk scoop

We had the chance to check out this stylish new beauty salon to experience the mindful additions to modern pampering treatments.

The sheer pace of Hong Kong means that taking care of ourselves can (regretfully!) be left at the bottom of the to-do list. Setting aside time to treat and pamper yourself is rare enough, but combining that with overall wellness is, essentially, unheard of. With the benefits of meditation and mindfulness clearer than ever before, we were super excited to hear about the launch of Oneness. This modern beauty bar and spa offers refreshingly unique solutions to take care of your wellbeing, adding a sense of spirituality to contemporary beauty services.

It’s rare to find spas that take care of your beauty and mind in a single treatment, and this was a truly therapeutic, holistic experience. We had the chance to check out two of the treatments at Oneness, and here’s our review:

Name & Title: Tania Shroff, Editor
Chosen treatment: Massage with singing bowl therapy
The process… was a calming and refreshing mixture of massage and gong meditation. I’ve experienced sound baths a couple of times, and I’m always amazed by the way my body physically and mentally feels lighter and clearer afterwards. The vibrational frequency creates a palpable current, especially when the bowl itself is set on your body. You begin lying on your back with the bowl resting on the small of your back. The therapist plays the bowls for 15 minutes before you’re taken through a deep-tissue massage. I found myself quickly slipping into a state of calm, whilst my senses seemed heightened and rooted in the present.
The therapists… were friendly, relaxing and experienced. It’s clear that each member of staff takes great pride in their work and believes in the Oneness ethos, putting the customer’s comfort first.
The verdict: I’m always ready for a back massage and excited to discover new wellness developments, so it’s no surprise that a massage and singing bowl combination ticked the boxes for me. I’d definitely go back!

Name & Title: Elle Noble, Partnerships Manager
Chosen treatment: Rose paradise facial treatment with singing bowl therapy.
The process… was relaxing and unique. Once the facial was done and the Aqua-peel was applied, I had some time to relax before the therapist came in with the singing bowls and set them down on and around my body. The vibration, sound and rhythm of the bowls created a truly unique experience and made me feel very light, like I was almost floating. The effect of the singing bowls really made me focus on the moment and how I was feeling. For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, it really lets you disconnect from everyday worries.
The therapists… made me feel relaxed throughout, checking the temperature and pressure was okay. They were professional, and mindful of how I felt.
The verdict: I’m not one to usually leave the house without makeup unless I’m heading to the gym and I can’t remember the last time I treated my skin to a facial. The Fountain of Youth facial left my skin feeling smooth and glowing, and I looked and felt totally refreshed. To put it in context, I headed straight into office meetings without a hint of makeup later that afternoon –  in a much calmer state of mind!

Sassy Perk: As a bonus to all Sassy Readers, Oneness is offering 20% off for the month of October. Simply use the code “lovesassy” when booking.

Oneness, 13/F On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Hong Kong, 2111 4409 Whatsapp: 6011 1619, [email protected], www.hkoneness.hk, www.facebook.com/1nessbeauty

Brought to you in partnership with Oneness.

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