18 April, 2013
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ApeFit – the newest circuit training class in town

18 April, 2013

One of the most common questions I get asked when people know I’m a food blogger is how I can possibly eat so much without turning into a heffalump! The answer? Circuit training… or, to be more precise, my new addiction to ApeFit.

ApeFit was set up by former Circuit25 (another of my addictions) star trainer, Linds Russell. There were quite literally tears all round when Linds announced she was leaving C25 – which turned into leaps of joy and queues to sign up when we heard about her new venture!

Of course, there are circuit classes galore around town, so why should you pick ApeFit? I can safely say that, having tried and tested a number of different companies, ApeFit simply isn’t like any other circuit training class; it is on a completely different level that will make you sweat, burn, laugh and cry all in one 60-minute class. You won’t walk away dissatisfied and, despite the initial confusion as to why you got up to torture yourself at 6.30am, you will most certainly want to come back for more.

ApeFit’s motto is ‘return to the trees’, and their workouts are mainly focused around animal-like movements. Given that we are all in fact animals, Linds insists we should train like animals too – a method that is proven to show results much faster than traditional training.

The average ApeFit class will therefore begin and end with animal-like stretches such as inchworms, bear crawls, cobras, duck walks, scorpions and gorilla squats to warm the body up and cool it down again before and after a super intense workout. Doing it this way means that not only are you getting a great workout, using muscles you didn’t even know you had, but you can also have fun in the process.

The main part of the class, whilst still incorporating animal movements, is a hardcore full-body cardio, strength and core workout. Each exercise flows into the next on a timed rotation, so you are constantly moving and therefore constantly burning! Circuits might include stair sprints, sit-ups, side shuffles, burpees and my absolute favourite, TRX.

No two classes are the same, and no two trainers are the same; each one has their own personal style, so classes are always kept fresh and exciting, leaving no room for boredom.

I’ve never been big on team sports, yet ApeFit brings out a hugely competitive side of me I didn’t know I had. Whenever we have a timed challenge (for example, doing as many consecutive burpees as we possibly can in five minutes – yes, it was as painful as it sounds!), I manage to find a turbo button to make sure I win!

Don’t be put off by this, however, as really it’s just me being silly; there are no races in ApeFit. Whether you’re a first timer or an old hand, the aim is to do as much as YOU can in the given time slot; as long as you constantly push yourself to be as good as you know you can be, you will be rewarded. Although being a food writer there is obviously always going to be that little bit of stubborn fat around my middle, for the first time in… I think ever!… I can actually feel my abs!

ApeFit sessions are currently being held in Central, Repulse Bay, Pok Fu Lam, Victoria Park and Clearwater Bay at various times of the day. One-to-one personal training is also available; full details can be found on the website here. And as the first session is free, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t put your gym kit on right now and get outdoors! You’ll be super ApeFit before you know it!

SASSY SPECIAL OFFER: Get 20% off any ApeFit package by mentioning Sassy when you purchase! There is no time limit on this offer, but it’s only valid on the first package you buy with ApeFit. Psst… look out for a special Sassy Sale Deal coming your way soon too!

Prices start at $150 per one-off session; the more you buy, the lower the price. Call 9231 8015 or email [email protected] for more info.


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