21 January, 2011

Diorshow 360 Mascara

21 January, 2011

Guest blogger and beauty product addict Andrea tells us whether the new Diorshow 360° mascara is a must-have or just a load of hype…

I don’t know about you but I have always been a great fan of mascaras. Some people might even call me a mascara fanatic. A new formula? A new technology? I have to have it. Great lashes can make such a difference to a face. Who does not desire the beautiful eyes of Eva Longoria or Keira Knightley?

I consider my eyes as pretty average – brown, no exotic form and of normal size – and I always envy women with special eye colors. They can play around with all these different kind of eye shadow colors and enhance their amazing eyes with them. So my tool of choice for my eyes is mascara and the longer and more dramatic the lashes the better. That brings me back to the beginning, my addiction to mascara and my urge to always try out the next big thing. The next big thing in mascara this season is the new mascara from Dior: Diorshow 360°. A mascara with a revolving brush that according to Dior replaces the make-up artist. Dior says that its new mascara makes the ideal lash makeup automatic due to its exclusive revolving brush. It boasts a double rotating direction and adapts to every need whether you want to coat your upper or lower lashes or are left- or right-handed. The famous “Lash Wax” formula will then do the rest to lengthen and sculpt your lashes.

I have to admit that I was skeptical as I have been disappointed by the last year’s hype of vibrating mascaras. They just do not do the trick for me and I prefer the good old non-automated mascara altogether. On my recent trip to the States however I just could not resist visiting the Dior counter to buy my own Diorshow 360° mascara. And what a treat it was. The packaging is beautiful and huge. It includes an instruction manual but no extra battery. The price? 36USD plus taxes. When I came back to Hong Kong I went to see the local Dior counter and have been told that Diorshow 360° is available at 320 HKD.

Before you can use the mascara you have to assemble it. That is also the reason for its huge packaging. The part with the mascara wand and the container that includes the color has to be put together. Afterwards the mascara is ready to be used. It does sound technical, but it is really easy and very well illustrated in the manual. The mascara itself feels heavy and big compared to other mascaras. I remember that the vibrating mascaras were of normal size, so I can only assume that the rotating device needs more space because of its technology. The brush itself is nothing I have seen before and according to Dior has “a patented double-helix form”. You need patience to apply the mascara, especially if you are used to brush over your lashes quickly. The rotation is slow, but very efficient. After only one rotation the lashes are beautifully coated with color. The double-helix brush does its job very thoroughly and covers the lashes perfectly. After 6 to 8 rotations the lashes look sculpted and very voluminous. I also like the lengthening effect. To create a very dramatic effect, you can also coat the lower lashes, but for daytime I prefer to only use it on the upper lashes. The application gets easier every time you use it and the rotation definitively helps to coat each individual lash to create that magical deep look of perfectly applied mascara. My verdict? Let me tell you this. When I first used it and went out with some girlfriends, I was asked if my lashes were the result of lash extensions. What more is there to say? Am I satisfied with Diorshow 360°? Hell yes, I am.

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