17 June, 2024
Lamma Island, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island restaurants, beaches, hikes, hotels
Lamma Island, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island restaurants, beaches, hikes, hotels
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Lamma Island Guide: Beaches, Hikes, Restaurants, Hotels & More

17 June, 2024
Lamma Island, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island restaurants, beaches, hikes, hotels

Just 25 minutes from the city, discover Lamma’s unique local charm with our guide to the best restaurants, hikes and more on Lamma Island!

Known by some as Hong Kong’s “hippie island”, Lamma has evolved since its more bohemian days and has a lot to offer, from cosy cafes to quality restaurants, cool hang-outs and a community art centre. Once a traditional fishing village, Lamma is Hong Kong’s third largest island and is only a short 25-minute escape from the city, with boats that go to either of its two sides — the more populated Yung Shue Wan, or Sok Ku Wan. The island’s laid-back vibe, abundant hiking trails and quiet beaches make it perfect for a day of exploring. So hop on the ferry from Central (or Aberdeen!) and get ready to discover Lamma’s unique local charm and authentic island life

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Lamma Island Restaurants And Bars

With the majority of Lamma Island restaurants and bars situated in Yung Shue Wan, Lamma has an abundance of seafood restaurants, vegetarian and international options that are well worth the ferry trip over.

Lamma Island Guide: Banyan Bay Cafe

Banyan Bay Cafe

For a wholesome brunch to cure any hangover, head down to Banyan Bay Cafe where you’ll be looked after with friendly service and generous portions of golden toasted bread, perfectly poached eggs and fresh fruit smoothies. Order the Cath’s Special with avocado and ask to sit around the back for a serene seaside view.

Bayan Bay Cafe, G/F, 67A Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 1150, www.facebook.com/Banyan-Bay-Cafe

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The Beer Shack

A stone’s throw away from the beach is this street-side beer shack — the first taproom by the award-winning Yardley Brothers Brewery. If you’re staying for a drink, you’ll find nine taps in total, including limited-release Yardley Brothers beers and guest taps from local and international breweries. Otherwise, pick up a pack of ice-cold locally brewed craft beer and IPA to go with your picnic on the sand.

The Beer Shack, G/F, 10 Sha Po New Village, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/thebeershackhk

BWC Lamma (Bookworm Cafe)

Keeping with Lamma’s laidback vibe, the bookshelf-lined Bookworm Cafe offers a full, all-day menu of delicious and innovative organic vegetarian cuisine that will satiate even the most die-hard carnivore. Breakfast favourites include the mushrooms and tofu on toast, while lunch and dinner staples include Shepherdess Pie, falafel and veggie burgers. Round off your meal with a slice of BWC’s homemade cake.

Bookworm Cafe (BWC), 79 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 4838www.facebook.com/bookwormcafehk

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Lamma Island Guide: Corner84


A regular stop for locals, follow the scent of freshly baked bread and pastries to Corner84 where you can get your hands on everything from frosted cinnamon rolls to sourdough baguettes, carrot cake and delicious pasty pies. They even serve pizza made with the bakery’s own homemade dough base!

Corner84, G/F, 84 Main Street, Ying Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 5406 3784, www.facebook.com/Corner84hk

Dale Candela

Just a short walk from Yung Shue Wan ferry pier is local favourite tapas joint Dale Candela (known affectionately as “Carlos” after the owner). Buzzing every night of the week, the lively vibe here is great for group gatherings over delicious Spanish tapas, and a jug or two of refreshing sangria.

Dale Candela, 23 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/DaleCandelaHK

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Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant

If you want to avoid the hungry crowds on Yung Shue Wan side but still need your seafood fix, make your way to Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant in Sok Kwu Wan. This seaside restaurant serves up freshly caught seafood prepared in all manner of ways, and offers a great wine selection.

Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant, Lot 584 DD, 10 Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 8220, www.facebook.com/Genuine-Lamma-Hilton-Fishing-Village-Restaurant

Lamma Island Guide: Hideout

Hideout Cafe Bar

Homey Hideout offers all your brunch favourites, from waffles topped with crispy bacon, smoked salmon bagels, eggs Benedict and the “Everything”, featuring eggs, sausage, bacon, mushroom, baked beans, hash brown, grilled tomato and toast (an “Everything Veggie” option is also available). You’re sure to leave Lamma Island with a happy belly.

Hideout Cafe Bar, 77 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 4321www.facebook.com/HideoutHK

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Kin Hing Tofu Dessert

This family-run stall in Tai Yuen village is a popular spot for a refreshing bowl of tofu fa (chilled silken tofu), on a hot summer day. The hot tofu fa is the perfect winter warmer during the colder months.

Kin Hing Tofu Dessert, 1 Tai Wan To, Tai Yuen Village, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

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Kuri Kuri

Pick from a range of toppings to customise your own delicious bowl of noodle soup. A bowl of two toppings and noodles starts at just $42 and there are tons of vegetarian toppings to choose from — making Lamma’s Kuri Kuri an easy choice for all.

Kuri Kuri, G/F, 83 Main Street, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Lamma Island Guide: Lamma Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

Lamma Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

Formerly known as Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, Lamma Rainbow doesn’t need the word “seafood” in its name to tell you where its speciality lies. Seafood is clearly the order of the day here, with dishes such as the Deep Fried Squid with Salt & Pepper, Steamed Queen’s Clams with XO Sauce and Rainbow Fish (Brown Marbled Garoupa) being popular choices.

Sassy Tip: The restaurant offers its patrons free ferry rides to and from Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Lamma Rainbow, 23-27 First Street, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 8100www.lammarainbow.com

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Lamma Island Guide: Lamma Grill

Lamma Grill

Open since 2012, Lamma Grill has become somewhat of an institution on the Island. Authentic American grill, gourmet burgers, gigantic wraps, fall-off-the-bone ribs and hand-cut fries keep Lamma locals and visitors coming back.

Opposite the Lamma Grill restaurant is its sister pizzeria Lamma Express, which satisfies all your carb needs with freshly baked thin crust pizzas piled high with toppings. Go for the Regina topped with egg, or the Vegetarian with aubergine, artichokes, rocket and feta.

Lamma Grill, 36 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 1447, www.facebook.com/lammagrill.hk
Lamma Express, 44 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 6625 1972, www.facebook.com/lammaexpress

Lamma Island Guide: Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf

Accessible by a 20-minute ferry ride from Aberdeen, Olive Leaf serves up mouthwatering spreads of vegan Mediterranean fare. Israeli chef Ayelet Idan sources imported Israeli ingredients and draws from traditional family recipes to keep the menu authentic to her roots. The spacious outdoor patio of her beautiful home in Lamma makes the perfect venue for a meal to remember.

Olive Leaf, Pak Kok Tsuen, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 9723 0459www.facebook.com/OliveLeafHongKong

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The Palm Tree Beachside Café

Found below Lamma Island’s 14-room Concerto Inn, right by Hung Shing Yeh Beach, The Palm Tree Beachside Cafe is the perfect spot to sip on a cool drink. Pick your poison from a selection of refreshing tropical tipples, classic cocktails and international beers, before heading back to the city.

The Palm Tree Beachside Café, Concerto Inn, 28 Hung Shing Yeh Beach, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 1668concertoinn.com.hk

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Sampan Seafood Restaurant

With queues most mornings, this dim sum hotspot is a breakfast ritual for many locals on Lamma Island. Order your favourite dim sum delicacies from street-side bamboo steamers, and watch the passers-by start their day over a hot cup of cha.

Sampan Seafood Restaurant, G/F, 16 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 2388

Lamma Island Hikes

Lamma Island has some beautiful trails that take you through green jungle terrain and across peaks with stunning 360 views. We recommend going in the morning to avoid weekend crowds. A couple of our favourites include:

Lamma Island Guide: Lamma Island Family Walk Trail

Hike from Tai Peng to Lamma Winds

Start from Yung Shue Wan ferry pier and follow signs for Tai Peng Old Village. Once in Tai Peng Old Village, keep an eye out for a village shop called “Regent Store” which is on the corner of a turning on your right. Take that turning and continue along the road past a pretty community garden until you reach a signpost for Lamma Winds. Walk up the hill road and before you reach the top, look out for a dirt track that branches off to the left-hand side. The tree-lined path opens out to stunning 360 views of the whole island. Continue along the path until you reach Hung Shing Yeh Beach.

Hike from Sok Ku Wan to Hung Shing Ye Beach

Take the ferry to Sok Ku Wan, the less inhabited, sleepier side of Lamma Island. Follow signs for the Family Walk which will take you past the 150-year-old Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea) Temple and a hilltop pavilion with clear views of Aberdeen and Repulse Bay. End the hike with some street-side grilled corn and a dip in the sea on Hung Shing Yeh Beach.

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Lamma Island Family Trail

The Lamma Island Family Trail is great for a relaxing hike with scenic views. Make sure to start the trail at Sok Kwu Wan, and end at Yung Shue Wan where there is a larger village with more restaurants. Check out the beaches on the way there, then have a leisurely dinner and drinks overlooking the water.

If you fancy something new, this route also lends itself perfectly to cycling with paved paths and no steps. Some of the ascent is a little strenuous but the views from the tops are reward enough. Cyclists aren’t allowed here at the weekends to make room for hikers.

Lamma Island Family Trail, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

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Lamma Island Beaches

Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Nothing beats a mid-summer sunset barbecue on the beach. Pick up everything you need from Lamma’s surprisingly well-stocked village stores — don’t miss SHOP 80 for fresh fruits and snacks, and Lamma Gourmet delicatessen on Yung Shue Wan Main Street for freshly made hummus, a wide selection of cheese and wine — then head to Hung Shing Ye Beach to snag a barbecue pit with a sea-facing view.

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Lo So Shing Beach

Lo So Shing is a small little crescent-shaped beach that is adorned at the edges by thick, forested hills. Many argue that it is one of the most beautiful stretches of sand on Lamma Island! It’s also often much less crowded than other Lamma beaches, including Hung Shing Yeh Beach.

What To Do On Lamma Island

Lamma Island Guide: Lamma Art Collective

Lamma Art Collective

Join the Lamma Art Collective for an afternoon of arts and crafts with a group of like-minded creatives. The community art centre hosts a range of art classes, exhibitions, talks and events, where creative juices and new ideas flow freely. The collective also recently opened Art Kiosk, where you can purchase art materials, creativity books and more.

Lamma Art Collective, 1/F, 23 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/lammaartcollective

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Vata Yoga

Alternative medicine Ayurveda meets yoga at this Lamma wellness retreat spot. Most events run by Vata Yoga take place on a beautiful organic farm on Lamma, near Hung Shing Yeh beach, where you can also buy fresh veggies and have them cooked on site. Contact Vata Yoga for more details on the location.

Vata Yoga, vatayogaretreat.com

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Where To Shop On Lamma Island

Lamma Island Guide: Lamma Vinyl Record Store

Lamma Vinyl Record Store

Run by owner Ming Ho for about a decade, the island’s independent used record store is a place where you can spend hours digging through a wide selection of music. The vintage treasure bins are particularly entertaining for a glimpse into Hong Kong’s vibrant 50s and 60s music scene, from jazz and blues to emerging Canto-pop.

Lamma Vinyl Record Store, 1/F, 45 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2335 0601, WhatsApp: 6611 9102www.lammavinyl.store

Lamma Brand

Loving Lamma? Grab a souvenir to commemorate your visit from this store selling locally made merch, including graphic tees, hats, slides and more. There’s also a great terrace out back, where you can grab a drink and embrace the laid-back pace of the island.

Lamma Brand, 75 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 6818 0181, www.lammabrand.com

Lamma Island Guide: Annie H. Eclectic Fashion

Annie H. Eclectic Fashion

A fashion creator and artist, Annie has a beautiful collection of clothes (think floaty cotton perfect for the summer heat!). She also has a selection of beautiful silver jewellery with semi-precious gemstones that make perfect gifts. Keep going straight along Main Street when you come to the crossroads in the town centre. You’ll find Annie’s just near the bakery, Corner84.

Annie H. Eclectic Style, 85 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 9442 1741www.facebook.com/Annie-H-Eclectic-Fashion

Mush Store

At the end of Lamma’s Main Street is self-service design concept store Mush. Fulfilling all your graphic T-shirt needs, Mush represents local and regional designers as well as its own Lamma-themed designs for die-hard locals.

Mush Store, 91 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 6818 0181, www.facebook.com/mushstore

Nick the Bookman

Undoubtedly Lamma’s most famous resident, Nick the Bookman is a stalwart figure on Yung Shue Wan Main Street, where his second-hand book stall raises money to look after homeless cats and dogs on the island. A resident for more than three decades, the former journalist is also a part-time DJ and music writer.

Nick the Bookman, Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, www.lamma.com.hk/nick

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Where To Stay: Lamma Island Hotels

Lamma Island Guide: Concerto Inn

Concerto Inn

Set on Hung Shing Yeh Beach, just steps away from Lamma Island Family Trail, this laid-back hotel is a great place for a respite from the bustling city. Concerto Inn offers 14 guest rooms, including a number with large balconies facing the beach.

Concerto Inn, 28 Hung Shing Yeh Beach, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 1668, www.concertoinn.com.hk

Man Lai Wah Hotel

Boasting sea-view balconies and hill-view rooms, Man Lai Wan Hotel is just a short walk away from Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier. With an abundance of dining options close by, this is a popular stay for couples and friends.

Man Lai Wah Hotel, a short walk from the ferry pier, 2 Po Wan Garden, Yung Shue Wan Main Street, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, 2982 0220, www.facebook.com/lammahotel

Sassy Tip: Also check out airbnb, or keep an eye out on home exchange sites.

How To Get There: Lamma Island Ferry Schedule

Lamma Island Guide: Ferry Schedule

Located Southwest from the main Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island is just a short 25 to 30-minute ferry ride away from Central or Aberdeen.

Ferries to Lamma Island from Central:

Head to Central Ferry Pier 4 where you’ll find two ferry options to Lamma Island:

  • Yung Shue Wan ferry – Which will take you to the livelier shopping and restaurant side of Lamma Island
  • Sok Kwu Wan ferry – Which arrives on the quieter side of the Island

You can find the ferry schedules and prices here (click on the time table you want for the price).

Ferries to Lamma Island from Aberdeen:

You can also take a ferry from Aberdeen to Sok Kwu Wan, though these are less frequent.

You can find the ferry schedules and prices here.

Editor’s Note: “Lamma Island Guide: Beaches, Hikes, Restaurants, Hotels & More” was originally written by Emma Williamson and was most recently updated by Nicole Moraleda in June 2024.

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