24 October, 2017
Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport
Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

24 October, 2017
Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

Time to kill?


As Asia’s leading international air hub, it’s no surprise that Singapore’s Changi Airport is on top of its game – it has been ranked the world’s best airport, after all. If you’ve got a long layover, we’ve lined up all the things to do to keep you happy and occupied, from the best dining picks to the most relaxing spa treatments!

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Desserts and Drinks
Bars and Pubs

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2-3 Hour Stop Over
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Where to Eat & Drink:

Your Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

International Cuisine

Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar

Who doesn’t love Thai food?! From boat noodles to beef broth, Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar allows you to pick a mix of delectable Thai street-food flavours at its self-service counter. Top it off with a classic dessert and authentic drink to leave you feeling satisfied.

Terminal 3, B2, www.changiairport.com/dining/aoys-thai-noodle-bar


Hong Kongers, it seems that the closest Nando’s you’ll find is tucked away in Singapore’s Changi Airport! A worldwide favourite, head to this South African chain for its fresh, succulent and tender PERi-PERi which will leave you feeling beyond satisfied! Make your way to this casual dining joint because after all, who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s?

Terminal 2, Level 3, www.changiairport.com/dining/nandos


This authentic resto offers aromatic Indian flavours, whether it be local Mumbai-style or South Indian, Bikanervala is the one-stop shop for a true taste of India. Its signature crunchy samosas and Chole Bature are a must-try, and they also serve vegetarian and Halal-friendly options too!

Terminal 3, Level 4, open 24-hours, www.changiairport.com/dining/bikanervala


Regardless of how long you’re stuck at the airport for, you can’t leave without trying local, Singaporean cuisine! If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, look no further than Crave, located in the departure lounge of Terminal 2. Home to the original Adam Road Nasi Lemak and the famous Teh Tarik from Amoy Street, this restaurant is almost equivalent to being out in the city’s local corners and will definitely leave you craving more once you’re on board…

Terminal 2, Level 2, Central Departure Lounge, www.changiairport.com/dining/crave

Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

If you’re obsessed with Hello Kitty, this is the place for you. Set amongst lush greenery and vivid flowers, this Orchid Garden Café is an ideal escape from a manic airport. If you’re looking for a light snack, be sure to try one of its pastries or tea cakes, because this well-curated dining experience is one not to be missed!

Terminal 3, Level 1, www.changiairport.com/dining/hello-kitty-orchid-garden


PappaMia is a melting pot of authentic dishes, including but not limited to, Singaporean, Malaysian and Western foods. Whether you’re craving a bowl of sloppy noodles, spicy Hainan rice, or the basic yet always fulfilling Fish and Chips, you can find it all in PappaMia at affordable prices!

Terminal 1, Level 3, www.changiairport.com/dining/pappamia

Desserts and Drinks

Bengawan Solo

Head over to this traditional cake shop for its local Singaporean treats that one simply cannot miss! Try its Pandan Cake or the Bengawan Solo signature or Ondeh Ondeh, glutinous rice balls coated in coconut! Delish. All its cakes are made with high-quality ingredients and a box of these are perfect to devour over a flight or to take as delectable gifts for family and friends!

Multiple locations in each Terminal. Check here for more info. 

Beard Papa’s

This fresh bakery is internationally recognised and renowned for its French Dough Puffs. Perfect for a quick bite between flights, Beard Papa’s cream puffs are a scrumptious treat that you will not regret.

Terminal 3, Basement 2, www.changiairport.com/dining/beard-papa-s

Milk & Honey

If you’re looking for a quick yet filling snack, pick up one of Milk & Honey’s artisan yogurts that are packed with probiotics and calcium. Using the finest and freshest ingredients, these yogurt parfaits are just delish!

Terminal 3, Basement 2, www.changiairport.com/dining/milk-honey-artisan-yogurt-dessert-bar

Boost Juice Bar

As Australia’s number one juice and smoothie bar, Boost Juice Bar offers fresh fruit juices, low-fat smoothies, frozen yogurt and everything in between! Health-conscious travellers can find an energetic fix whether it be dairy-free or completely vegan, giving us the perfect ‘boost’ during a long layover.

Terminal 2, Level 2, Central Departure Lounge, www.changiairport.com/dining/boost-juice-bars

 O’Coffee Club

Providing coffee to sleep deprived souls throughout Changi airport, O’Coffee Club’s brews are made up of freshly roasted coffee beans and are crafted to the greatest quality. Indulge in one of its specialised selections including: Jamaican Blue Mountain and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Terminal 3, Level 2, www.changiairport.com/dining/o-coffee-club

Bars and Pubs

Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

Harry’s Bar

An iconic choice for sports fanatics, friends and even families, Harry’s Bar has a relaxed atmosphere and a range of dining choices. The perfect pit-stop for those with a long layover and have plenty time to kick back and relax with a couple of cold ones.

Terminal 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Gate E), www.changiairport.com/dining/harry-s-bar

Carlsberg Sports Bar

Got a football match coming up and can’t afford to miss out? This new addition to the Changi Airport promises not to disappoint with its cool interiors, sporty staff and satisfying bar menu.

Terminal 3, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Gate A), www.changiairport.com/dining/carlsberg-sports-bar


2-3 Hour Stop Over

Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

Enter a tropical paradise at the Butterfly Garden

Singapore Airport’s dynamic structure allows for all sorts of possibilities! A butterfly garden in an airport would seem absurd to most countries, but not in Singapore. With endless flowers and foliage, this garden is specially designed to provide a tropical butterfly habitat for almost 1,000 butterflies of 40 different species. Educate yourself and witness the life of these beautiful creatures up front while you wait for your next flight.

Terminal 3, Level 2 & 3, Departure Transit Lounge, www.changiairport.com/attractions-and-services/butterfly-garden

Show some appreciation for art

Changi Airport has a collection of art installations displayed throughout the four terminals. If you’re into art or just want to explore through the airport with some time to kill, find one of the many sculptural pieces including ‘Kinetic Rain’ and ‘Petalclouds.’ The ‘Kinetic Rain’ sculpture is made up of 1,216 bronze droplets and forms numerous shapes with its fluid form.

Kinetic Rain, Terminal 1, Check-in Hall, www.changiairport.com/attractions-and-services/kinetic-rain

4-5 Hours Stop Over

Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport

Go on a Nature Trail

Known for its Garden City, Singapore ensures its visitors have a truly immersive and ‘green’ experience (even if they’re at the airport) with its multiple gardens. You can visit the Orchid Garden’s seasonal displays, the Cactus Garden for over a 100 different types of cacti going back as far as the Dinosaur era, or sunbathe amongst 500 bright sunflowers at the Sunflower Garden while watching aircrafts take-off from the runway in the background. Unreal!

Terminal 2, Transit Area, www.changiairport.com/explore-changi/go-on-a-nature-trail

Watch a movie or play some games

Check out the range of multimedia entertainment for airport passengers, specifically the movie theatre! What better way to make the most of your time than with a free screening from any genre of your choosing? If you’re big on gaming, you can also occupy yourself in the Xbox Kinect room or listen to your favourite tunes in the MTV booth.


Be Pampered

The best (and our favourite) way to wind down and revitalise during a long layover is with a massage therapy or spa treatment. Whether you decide to let fish tickle your feet at the Airport Wellness Oasis, book in for a foot reflexology treatment at TranSpa or treat yourself to mani/pedi at Be Relax, this airport has got you covered from head to toe!

Airport Wellness Oasis, Terminal 1, Level 3, Transit Area

TranSpa, Terminal 2, Level 3, Transit Area

Be Relax, Terminal 3, Level 2, Transit Area


More Than 5 Hours

Explore Singapore

If you have more than five hours until your connecting flight, feel free to get out of the airport and explore the city. Free Singapore Tour provides guided tours of its local heritage four times a day and city sights twice a day (did I mention it’s free?).  From its colonial alleys to cultural districts, there is a lot to see, so take yourself around this metropolitan city with its glamorous sights and heady heights and happily tick another city off your list!


Where to Shop:

Layover Survival Guide: What to Do in Singapore Changi International Airport


Treat yourself to an exquisite luxury scarf in a variety of vibrant colours, this fashion and accessories retailer is inspired by rich Indian heritage, weaving a diverse selection of scarves and wraps made from the finest textiles such as cashmere, silk and linen.

Terminal 2, Level 2, www.changiairport.com/shopping/pashma

 Cocoa & Co.

We tend to have a habit of picking up last-minute confectionary gifts for family and friends in the airport’s sweet duty-free section. Cocoa & Co is a fun concept for all those with a sweet-tooth. With a wide selection of delightful chocolates, candies and sweet treats, you’re sure to find something! 

Multiple locations. More info here

Fashion Avenue

If you’re an avid luxury shopper who enjoys picking out items from high-end brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Chloe, Balenciaga, and more, head to Fashion Avenue for an impressive selection from the world’s most-favourable designer labels.

Fashion Avenue, www.changiairport.com/shopping/fashion-avenue

Jon Louis

A well-known Singaporean leather brand, Jon Louis carries accessories such as: handbags, wallets, belts and souvenirs – all crafted with excellence and are great quality. The brand may sound quite expensive but it’s actually affordable and perfect as gifts or as a treat to yourself.

Terminal 3, Basement 2, www.changiairport.com/shopping/jon-louis

Featured image credited to Taramilktea via Pinterest, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden image credited to Daniel Food Diary, Garden image credited to pointandshootwanderlust.com, Butterfly image credited to mothership.sg, Aoy’s Noodle Bar credited to cavinteo.blogspot.hk, Harry’s Bar credited to bandwagon.asia, Pashma image credited to paykocimports.com

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